Tuesday, 5 October 2010


partly cloudy - storms forecast....temps 80

Can you believe it? Phoenix has been sunny and hot for 150 years and the next day or so will be rainy and stormy. But, frankly, I don't really care. It's nice and warm and not too hot. Woke up early (because of the time difference) ordered breakfast and sat out on the balcony eating fruit, sipping a smoothie and coffee and enjoying the warmth. and the palm trees!!!


What an amazing life. Am staying at a hotel with the silly name, Valley Ho (I know - don't say it). But terrific hotel - one of my favorite - though I have to say my room (an upgrade) is a little odd. Bathtub in the centre of it. There's a photo at the top. And while it has a lovely balcony, there's no view. It looks directly into the concrete wing opposite, and the guest rooms there. Though off to either side I can see palms...so that's great. I've actually asked if it's possible to get a room with a nicer view, since I'd hate to spend two days in phoenix and except for the warmth I could be in Moscow.

Woke up yesterday in the wonderful Norwich Inn, in central Vermont. Put the fireplace on. Showered and went down for breakfast. Then packed and got ready for the luncheon, organized by the Norwich Bookshop....a magnificent independent bookstore. One of the terrific and invigorating things about this book tour is seeing how many vibrant independent bookstores there are still. those that have survived seem to be thriving. Though I know it's hard work.

The Norwich bookshop in one such amazing bookstore.

Penny - who hosted the event and works at the bookshop - cut the last flowers from her garden...phlox, hydrangea, etc - and put vases in Sarah and my rooms. So beautiful. sort of bittersweet actually since it reminded me so keenly of home.

The event - a lunch at the Inn - was terrific. 50 plus people. Each with a copy of Bury Your Dead. I had a chance to chat with most everyone one-on-one...then while people were still eating I had to start the reading (thanks to Penny who kept us on schedule) because we had to be on the road from central vermont to New York City by 1pm at the latest. People were so tolerant. I'm sure they'd just as soon have been able to finish their lunch, then listen to me - but they had to multi-task. Eat and listen. I'm very gratful to the guests for understanding, and to the Norwich Inn servers for being as quiet as possible.

At 1pm Sarah and I rushed off....felt like thieves in the night...Sarah had already gassed up the car. (We keep getting these hilarious emails from Andrew Martin, the publisher, calling us Thelma and Louise and wondering if we need more ammo).

Five hours later (in rain and heavy traffic) Sarah pulled into JFK.

She did such an amazing job, getting us all over New England - with hardly any casualties.

I really, really want to thank all of you SO much. for buying Bury Your Dead. For spreading the news. for reading it and being so supportive...and telling others. And being SO careful not to ruin it for others. I know how hard that is...but my heart swells with gratitude and warmth when I read a review where people are kind - and considerate. Oh, I wish I could find the words to tell you how much I appreciate that. I really am deeply moved by your efforts.

And also want to sincerely thank all the people who take time from busy schedules and lives to come to the events! I'm surprised that I'm not really tired - and on the flight I thought about you, and realized I'm not tired because I feel all your good wishes, and it energizes me.

A huge thank you for that! And I hope you feel the energy and warmth I'm sending your way.

A day off today...feels amazing and a little odd not to be considering and preparing for the next event. Oh, it's raining! hard. Just ran out onto the balcony. warm shower...and very fragrant out - the moisture on the tropical flowers. so I get to experience what most humans have never seen...rain in Phoenix! Yet another gift of this wonderful tour.

Hope to see you along the way.


lil Gluckstern said...

What a wonderful mind bender-to go from autumn in Vermont to summer in Phoenix, and do all these beautiful things, and meet all the people who honor you. Rightfully so.
This is a fun trip. The tub in the room is unusual isn't it? Fortunately, you see each day as adventure. Rest while you can.

Kay said...

Louise, hope you have a lovely day in Phoenix today resting. I know your event tomorrow will be fabulous! Wish I could hop on a plane and be there, but I've ordered a signed copy of BURY YOUR DEAD from the delightful Poisoned Pen.

I'm rereading all the books now and am in the midst of FATAL GRACE. Just luxuriating in Three Pines glory. LOL

Donna K said...

Still waiting for the book. Perhaps when I'm at B&N on Th. it will have arrived...

I think I will reread the one where the whopper is supposed to be in the meantime...not that you'll let me know, ha...and no, I will not reveal even what I think it is. Although you could have a contest sometime..

Still love reading your appreciative and warm mail to all of us. You are quite a role model in so many ways.

Donna K

Marcia M. said...

Bury Your Dead is the first book I have ever pre-ordered for my Kindle. I withstood the great temptation to start it immediately and made myself finish the book I was currently reading. Now I am savoring your book a bit at a time because I don't want it to end too soon.

I love your writing style and your characters. I hope you have a wonderful book tour!

Leinda said...

Bury Your Dead fully deserves all the praise it has received. It is beautiful and tightly plotted. So grateful for all your work on it. And, yes, I cried at the end and it continues to replay in my mind (as it did in Gamache's) several days after I finished it. Thank you, thank you for these amazing books.