Monday, 4 October 2010

Fasten your seatbelts

overcast, cool, temps 45

We're now in Norwich, at the fabulous Norwich Inn - which is in this picturesque Vermont town. Really, it's like walking into a Capra film, or a postcard. Lovely.

Have had loads of fun since I was last able to blog - which seems a long time ago.

When Sarah (my publicist) and I left Providence, RI, we headed north to Mystic, Connecticut to sign in a small bookshop. Mystic is as lovely a town as it sounds. Right on the ocean. Old fishing port. I want to move there. After I'd done the signing we asked about a place for lunch. It was a brilliant, sunny day. Glorious. And the woman suggested Abbots, just down the road. So off we went, to discover that Abbots is lobster joint. All sorts of lobster dishes. You order, then grab a picnic table on the shoreline, and eat there. The photos above show Sarah at our table and the view from the table.

This was our office on Saturday. I feel an evil laugh bubbling up. It was as magical as you might be imagining. We both had clam chowder and a lobster roll. The only thing missing - always missing - was Michael. He loves the ocean, and all things from it. But the thing he adores above all else is a great lobster roll. So we called him, in hopes of including him - but I think it just succeeded in making him jealous. So all was not lost.

We then drove on to Madison, CT and checked into a very dreary Bed and Breakfast. But it was clean.

Hope, my NY editor and her husband Charlie drove up from NYC for dinner Saturday night in Madison with Sarah and me and then we all went off to the event at this magnificent independent bookstore called RJ Julia. Wow. Not only was the bookstore absolute perfection - the people who work there are passionate, welcoming, warm. Lisa was the one who looked after us, and introduced me and she was so gracious. What a difference it makes when you're made to feel welcome and precious. Whether at a big book event, or in a restaurant, or on a date.

The place was packed. Which always feels wonderful. I spoke for half an hour, answered questions - extremely intelligent and thoughtful questions - then signed. And had a chance to meet a number of you! Including Marjorie and Amy and some others. Thank you SO much for coming out and being so supportive.

Next morning over breakfast we got to chatting with the other visitors at the B&B - all fascinating, including a criminal defense lawyer from Florida, a man who writes books on the blues, the executive in charge of DC Comics merchandising (and formerly in charge of the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade) - a British rock musician about to do a reunite with her band and record another album and her professor husband (Parisian) who writes about human rights in africa. It was a fascinating conversation. And all of us strangers at this Vermont B&B.

Isn't travel amazing?

Then Sarah and I hopped in the car again for the drive to Brattleboro, VT. Sarah, quite wisely, insisted on a GPS when she rented the car. And everytime we turn it on a quite strick 'school marm' voice tell us to 'Fasten your seatbelts' - and I'm reminded of the famous Bette Davis line from a film ... 'we're in for a bumpy ride!'

But so far, while a little tiring, it's been such fun. We arrived in Brattleboro - magnificent drive through forests and mountains. Went to Amy's for homemade soup and bread. Then did the event in this glorious, light-filled Congregationalist Church. good number of people. Again, spoke, answered questions...signed. And headed out by 5:30.

On the road to where we are now...Norwich, VT. I have a noon event here. A luncheon and talk. Then we have the 5 hour race down to JFK airport in New York in time for an 8pm flight to Phoenix. We're not totally convinced we'll make it...especially since we'll hit rush hour and some rain. But we'll do our best!

Wish us luck - and hope you're enjoying the tour so far!


Marjorie said...

"When Sarah (my publicist) and I left Providence, RI, we headed north to Mystic..."

Oh, Louise, thank goodness for Sarah and the GPS because Mystic is due west of Providence (and a littl bit south). If anyone is interested, you had your lunch on Saturday at Abbott's Lobster in the Rough which is actually in Noank. Here is a link:

But if you're hungry, you might not want to look! Lol.

The event at RJ Julia's was fantastic!

--Marjorie from CT

Mercedes said...

Louise -

Looking forward to your book signing of Bury Your Dead at the Poisoned Pen. FYI: The forecast for Scottsdale on Wednesday, October 6th is 89ºF. Time to bring out those summer T-tops you remembered to pack for your autumnal cross-Canada, USA, and Great Britain book tour! Never mind.

Don a turquoise accent piece over a turtle-neck sweater and you'll be fine. Turquoise is a color that illuminates and cools at the same time.

I met your husband at last year's book signing of The Brutal Telling at the Poisoned Pen. You are wonderful. Dr. Michael is wonderful. So glad that you found each other!

-- Mercedes

Ruthie from NH said...

I so enjoyed meeting you at the Brattleboro Congregational Church. I was so exited to have you sign my book, I forgot all the questions I was going to ask......just as well, you were about to go "on" and I wouldn't have wanted to hold you up. Your talk was wonderful, as was your reading! And I would love to live in Three Pines and surround myself with your "friends".