Monday, 11 October 2010


mainly sunny, cold, temps 6

Wow, what a difference a day, and a flight, makes. It was sunny and warm for the past two days in Regina - unseasonably so. But lovely for Thanksgiving. Had a great time with Rob and his family - and the rest of the family. So wonderful to see everyone getting along. it wasn't always so. Just growing pains. It sure took my brothers and me a long time to appreciate each other, to genuinely care for each other.

And now we're so happy to be in each other's company. And as I said yesterday, the greatest pleasure we all got was seeing all the cousins together.

Flew to Calgary, Alberta this morning. Short, easy flight. About an hour. Arrive in late fall, suddenly! Was picked up at the airport by just about the nicest person on earth. Anne Green. She's the head of the Calgary WordFest. A great literary festival. She runs the whole thing - with hundreds of paid employees and volunteers, of course. She does all this and still manages to be kind and thoughtful, effective and smart. And warm.

Michael and I just adore her.

We initially said no to coming to the Calgary WordFest this year, since the schedule was way too packed, but then we heard it was Anne's last year, so we re-arranged all sorts of things to get here. She needs to be celebrated. and we sure want to be among the voices raised to thank her. And cheer.

We're taking her out for a private lunch tomorrow.

Have a chat with my agent, Teresa, in London tomorrow morning - then a 40 minute interview for CBC at 10am - I think it's being recorded or something for the website. Then lunch with Anne - and a gala 200 dollar a plate fundraising dinner tomorrow evening.

Michael was dis-invited because there was so much interest, they, well - they sold his seat. Understandable. And I'm not at all sure Michael's sorry. As an author I'm sort of part of the attraction, apparently. So Michael gets to sit in his flannels and order room service.

We arrived at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel in the early afternoon and immediately upgraded to the Gold Club level. As this tour progresses I'm finding an even greater need for pampering. Against my nature, of course.

The tour continues. Hope you're well - and for the Canadians....Happy thanksgiving Monday! And thanks to all of you who sent Thanksgiving greetings. How thoughtful you are.


Eileen K. said...

I'm listening to the Audiobook version of Bury Your Dead (from Audible). Wonderful! I listened to the first Inspector Gamache book, and now, having read them all this way, I consider Ralph Cosham's reading to be part of the experience. I'm not far into the book, but -- no spoilers here, folks --the Quebec policeman's telling Gamache about his language difficulties with a witness made me laugh out loud. I love your books for their plots, beautiful and vivid descriptions, and wonderful characters. A big laugh is pure frosting. Thank you!

Dee said...

Hi, this is Darla. You've met me twice. Once at the Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, VT and just recently at the Brattleboro, VT Literary Festival. We talked about Ruth Zardo. I was just reading your blog and you mentioned that you had been in Regina. I grew up 3 hours south of there just over the Canadian border in the small town of Scobey, Montana. I have been to Regina many times. So fun to have this long distance connection.