Sunday, 4 April 2010


overcast, mild, temps 16

It actually feels cold compared to reached 30 degrees in the shade. Amazing! Almost too hot. Spring flowers blooming all over the place. Very unusual, and unexpected at Easter.

Two geese on the pond. Nature going wild.

Went riding on Markus yesterday. Well...first Jana and I groomed him, then saddled. Then we took him to the upper pasture and she did the lunge line. Which means, for those of you like me who don't know much about horses, that Markus was on a long rope with Jana in the middle and he walked, trotted and cantered around her.

He's gorgeous! Very athletic. And, honestly? Way too much horse for me.

Jana got up on him and walked and trotted. Said he had a beautiful gait. But also powerful. Then I got onto him but was too much of a chicken to do anything other than walk. But it was exciting. Then we bathed him.

As I walked over I realized how difficult it is to write a book and have distractions - even something as apparently benign as dinner parties or lunches with friends. Each is not a tast or chore, none lasts long...but at least half the world of writing a novel comes in the quiet times...those hours when I'm not writing, but am thinking. That;s how problems are flagged, problems are solved. Scenes are sharped. Ideas come.

Though, michael and I were at a gathering last night and I'd been having difficulty with an ongoing thread and how to resolve it...and someone said something - just a line - at the meeting last night - and I realized that was it. As we were all leaving I told him what a very great gift he'd given me. He laughed...but I went back to it because I wanted him to know this wasn't trivial for me and I was sincere in my thanks...and that he'd greatly relieved my mind.

So - inspiration comes from all sorts of sources...but for me I just really need quiet. To write - but equally to contemplate.

How lovely to get it too, walking over to see Markus. Another way he's saving me.

Happy Easter.


Bev Stephans said...

Isn't it amazing how we get stumped on something until someone says the right word, the right line or whistles the right tune. I'm glad your friend got you out of your problem. Carry on!

Linda said...

I love the opportunity you give us to look over your shoulder as you write. It's like watching an artist paint. So exciting to be let in the room! I'm amazed at how quickly (maybe not from your perspective!) this book is being laid down. First draft, anyway...

Anonymous said...

What style saddle for Markus? So glad you got to experience his energy from above. Thanks again for letting us into the inner workings of your life and career. Happy Spring.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I'm so glad this recital of the process isn't boring you. Thank you. Part of me thinks I should make it sound easier...but that would be a big fat lie.

And about Markus and his saddle...English. Thank heaven. I'm an even worse Western rider.

Susan Prince said...

So glad you persisted in your thanks to the source of your inspiration. It's a good thing to help others to know a writer's gift is sparked by everything around her, and, second, because of your determination to thank him, he'll remember the moment ... with pleasure, I'd bet.