Friday, 2 April 2010

A Good Friday

briilaint, beautiful sunny day. hot. temps 26

This is unbelievable. Stunning day. Sunny, sweet. Birds singing, trees budding. bluebells out. Tony came by and repaired the broken screen on the screen porch then helped up put the furniture on the porch. Table, sofa bedm rocking chairs. Hassocks. And now we're siting on the screen porch, in shorts and sandals...Michael reading scientific papers on cancer screening and me responding to emails...and writing to you.

Hectic day. Wrote until just after 3pm. Did a load of laundry including our bedding...and hung them on the line outside. Nothing smells so good as line dried bedding.

Trudy rolled in skunk poop again. So she got her special shampoo - again. Thankfully with the weather so great we could do it outside. Then Michael and I walked down the road to feed Markus some carrots.

We got him organic carrots. Jana was very, very nice about it but she did suggest maybe we wanted to buy his carrots by the ton and not the ounce. Or at least by the sack.

We're going to have our first barbeque of the year tonight. We're also aware and watching the flooding in the eastern coast of the US. Hope you haven't been affected.

Wrote 2,000 words today. keeping the critic away with a stick.

Happy Easter!


Margaret J. McMaster said...


Isn't it nice that cars these days come equipped with apple holders? So convenient. My husband keeps wanting to put his coffee cup in them. Silly man.


Shelagh said...

And I thought the holders were for dog biscuits!