Friday, 9 April 2010

Michael back

overcast, cool, temps 11

Cool front came in yesterday...very strong winds. but good sleeping weather! I wrote yesterday morning then instead of driving straight to the Burlington Airport from Montreal, to pick up the guys, I thought I should drive home to sutton, drop my bags off, then head to Burlington...which is what I did. The forecast had been for torrential rains, but they never came - at least, not before getting home from the airport...thank heaven.

Got to the airport with about an hour to spare...their jet Blue flight got in about 6pm. The driving yesterday was wonderful. Easy - but also relaxing and wonderful to listen to music, and just let my mind go. float. Imagine the scenes in Three Pines. Conversations Gamache would have with Clara. Conversations between suspects. Where various scenes would take place. Some issues I'd forgotten that Gamache needs answers to. Very fun.

Took the proofs for Bury Your Dead with me to the airport, thinking I could sit over a coffee and read them. But I couldn't find a restaurant or place for coffee there (it's a terrific but quite modest sized airport). So I waited at their gate and read.

their plane got in half an hour early. Now, I ask you, how does that happen on a flight that is itself only an hour long. Did they break the time barrier? but it was great to see them!

We got back to Richford, VT, yakking all the way, then stopped for gas, and stopped at a restuarant Michael and I rarely go to, called The Crossings. Very old fashioned. Not sure it's changed in 40 years. Same decor, same menu. Very comfortable and comforting.

So I got really caught up there. They went to two broadway shows, had lunch at Sardi's, dinner at the Oyster Bar. Another dinner at Broadway Joe's. they walked the elevated park...not sure that's what it's called, but it's where the old elevated rail went...instead of tearing down the rail the city of new york simply turfed over it, planted trees and flowers and now people can walk quite a distance through downtown...or actually slightly above downtown. It isn't finished yet, but the guys had a great time. The took a tour of the NY library. Visited the Neighborhood Playhouse, where Mike (Michael's oldest son) was a student many years ago. They just went, went, went.

by the time we got home they were exhausted. So we went to bed and awoke today to lots of rain, and cool.

It's Mike's birthday - indeed this trip was to celebrate Michael's, Mike's and Vic's birrthdays! So we put candles in the hot cross buns for breakfast and sang.

Then Michael and I hopped in the car and headed into Montreal. Michael has a hematology meeting happening here at the Queen Elizabeth hotel. Our original idea was to stay there, but I had such a great time at the Hotel Le Crystal - just down the street from the Queen E - that we decided to stay here for another 2 nights. And, after I dropped Michael off and came to the hotel, I discovered they gave me the same room.

Feels like home! And everyone remembers my name. Very impressive.

Just finished the writing for the day. I've decided to keep track of the daily word-count, but not add up the cumulative, anymore....since it doesn't really matter now. This first draft will be as long as it needs to be. The worst thing I could do now is get freaked out about length and start doing it in short-hand. Drop scenes, or make them more threadbare than they should be.

So, now I don't know how far along I am. But I suspect 2/'s important to know where I am in the story arc, for structural reasons - but not to worry about the word-count.

happy birthday, Mike!!

Happy birthday, Mari.

Michael's birthday is tomorrow. Fun to celebrate it in Montreal. He has a 7am breakfast meeting with a colleague at the conference...but we'll see what happens after that. see what he wants to do.

Speak to you tomorrow - or if not, Sunday.

Have a great weekend.


Debbie said...

I loved eating at The Crossings. That's the one that always had Canadian money at par wasn't it. We used to eat at a few good restaurants in the States so I could have gotten them confused.

Have a great time celebrating Michael's birthday.

Annie said...

Louise -

Wanted to wish Michael a Happy Birthday. I was also born on April 10th, possibly the very best day of the year. I am not biased at all. It is so rare to find someone with the same birthday. Hope you both have a great day tomorrow.

Marjorie said...

Michael back. Michael front. Please wish all of Michael a very happy birthday!

--Marjorie from Connecitcut

Dana said...

Happy Birthday to Michael.
We drove 13 hours today, through the blooming and beautiful Southern USA, and my brain must have fried a bit b/c when I read "I don't know how far along I am" I immediately thought you were pregnant! Now that would be a birthday present.

mgk said...

Happy Birthday to All. Mine's on Sunday. So's my brother's. And 2 sisters this month too. I love April. :-)

The month of change and renewal. It is the best.

m in Guelph, eh

Brenda B. said...

Happy Birthday to Michael! I wish you a wonderful celebration!


Brenda B. in Maine

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Louise - my earlier comment was poorly stated, about a problem child. I sense an author walking alongside me as I read, so in reading, I cannot help but feel the process. Anyone else have the same experience? Perhaps you, as author, desire to be undetectable? Glad you're enjoying spring and its renewal and all the birthdays, all at the same time...

Shelagh said...

Happy Birthday Michael! and enjoy this beautiful day (at least in Michigan we have a gorgeous blue sky, and high 60's forecast).

Louise, loved your reaction to the plane arriving half hour early from an hour long trip! I laughed out loud at your being so incredulous!!

Have a wonderful day celebrating your beloved's birthday.


Jeanine said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Dear Michael!

Darlene said...

Completing a manuscript would have similarities to childbirth, I think. "How far along" one is seems appropriate to say.

Best birthday wishes to Michael and Many Happy Returns!

whalewatcher said...

Happy Birthday Michael and many Happy Returns of the Day!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Well, you sure made me laugh - and smile with gratitude at your birthday wishes to Michael! and happy birthday for tomorrow - m in guelph.

Dana - dear Lord, bite your tongue! Ha ha. how far along indeed.

We're enjoying the day, and Michael joins me in saying thank you!