Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Snow! Snow!!

snow! More snow. temps slightly above freezing

We've had over a foot. More whacking away at the bushes and trees. Driving back from Sutton last night there were all these trees bowed down over the we had to weave around the trees. Again, very pretty, if it wasn't in danger of hurting the trees, and us.

Power went off and on all night long. Kept waking up to things clicking and whirring back to life. Though, that actually might have been Michael. Or me. I do whirr a lot.

This morning it continued to snow - more than 14 inches in total. Tony came by with more bird seed for the poor birds. Then a wonderful thing started melting. Fast. Now almost all the snow has come off the trees and bushes...phew.

Wrote lots today. Wrote good. Well, wrote lots. But didn't finish the first draft and now I'm too pooped. Will take the computer with me and see what happens. Off to Washington tomorrow - for Malice Domestic.

So looking forward to it. Busy, busy time - but I just love this readers and writers conference. it focusses on traditional mysteries. the readers are deeply intelligent and very supportive of everyone.

Might not be able to blog tomorrow - but will try.


Mason Canyon said...

And here I was upset because we're having blackberry winter. The temps are around 40 at night and only 60 in the day. After reading about your snow, I'm happy with blackberry winter. :)

Thoughts in Progress

Jeanine said...

Have a wonderful time at Malice. We'll all be thinking about you. Don't worry about blogging -- just enjoy!

Fiona said...

Like your books a lot -- great fun and beautifully written. But always wish your (Ruth's) poems would complete themselves -- even as snippets, they are very good. When are you going to write, really?

Maureen Harrington-Carter said...

Yeah, we're having a real cold snap here too- temperature plunged to 86F today.

Dana said...

Dear Louise and Michael,
Hope you have a wonderful time at Malice and return refreshed. Wish I could join the readers there just to tell you how valuable the work you do in to me.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

We've arrived, and I'm in the lobby just blogging and reading your very supportive messages...thank you! Will keep you updated.