Saturday, 10 April 2010

Michael's birthday

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It's Michael's 76th birthday. Thank you so much for all your good wishes! I means a lot to me and a lot of Michael.

We had a 6am wake-up call...because Michael was meeting his friend and colleague Bill Woods at the hematology conference - meeting for breakfast at 7am. Out the door he flew at 6:45. Short walk there. I ordered a huge pot of coffee, some fruit and a pastry basket. And got to writing.

I realize it takes me about an hour to settle down and get in 'the zone'...but once there life, and fiction, is easier. Still trying not to worry about the length of the manuscript. As you see, I'm having mixed success.

Michael got back by noon and we scooted out for his birthday lunch at M brgr, just up the street on Drummond. We both had a strawberry/mango milkshake, a burger with mushrooms and goat cheese (the birthday boy also had carmelized onions) and he also ordered sweet potato fries. Thank God one of us did!

Then off to Oligvy's for a bit of birthday shopping...and back to the hotel. I couldn"t quite figure out what the rush was to get back and then it slipped out.

The Masters!

While Michael watched Tiger and Phil et al, I decided to have a massage. Up to the 12th floor. There was the most glorious young man who was a massage therapist. I arrived with two other women - both young. I'll tell you, it was a race to strip down and get into the robe and out the door first, to claim that young guy. He really was quite spectacular. If Markus had been a man, he's have been this fellow. Though I suspect this guy was not a gelding.

Then back upstairs now. Michael had a small nap, but not before seeing Phil get two eagles in a row. Very exciting. And now we;'re waiting for his sons vic and Mike to come by the hotel. We'll have drinks (let them raid the mini-bar) then head over to Entrecote St-Jean a couple streets over.

Unfortunately there's a Montreal Canadiens hockey game tonight so there are a lot of rowdies. Indeed, have to say there is a slight 'flake factor' in the hotel over the weekend. There was a man riding the elevator wearing just a bathing suit. And it wasn't 'Markus' - more's the pity.

Must run - thanks again for all the lovely Michael birthday wishes! I know some of you also have birthday's today - sooo, happy birthday to you too!


Margaret J. McMaster said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I love the way you guys eat. Happy birthday, Michael.


Christine said...

Birthday greetings and cheer to Michael! And major jealousy regarding massage!

bgpringle said...

Happy Birthday to Michael. I know y'all will have a wonderful dinner to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful that Michael has had such an eventful birthday, including a nap!! Hope your day was just as successful - can't wait for the next Gamache!!

Rachel said...

The Masters today was a grand treat for Michael's birthday. Know he'll enjoy tomorrow's match more as he won't be center stage!

Wishing you both many years of happiness.

Beth said...

Sending you wishes for enough birthday happiness to see you through the coming year.

Thanks for letting us share in the celebration.

xxx Beth
in Oregon

hilary said...

Happy Birthday, Michael!

JS said...

Feliz cumpleanos, Michael!

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Aren't you just the kindest people. Michael reads all your comments and has said a few times in the last couple of days how very touched he is. As am I.

How lucky we are to have you in our lives.

Anne Church said...

Ohh, we are so glad it was a happy one for Michael! April 10th must be a lucky date because it was Rod's 66th! We had a wonderful meal with family & privately giggled "all that is missing is poutine" ( our secret addiction)Keep celebrating..we always think it should be a "birthday week"
Rod & Anne

Lesa said...

So, that's why I loved Michael when I met him. He's another Aries! April 11 would have been Jim's 61st birthday. Aries men are very special. Please give him a belated birthday wish and hug for me, Louise.