Thursday, 29 April 2010

No, no, I'm not from Montreal, the home of the Habs...

Sunny, warm, temps mid-70's.

Wow, what a change. We had to wear our boots just to get to the car. Fortunately (unlike last November) both Michael and I remember to change out of them at the airport. Got away nice and early. By 8am. But we'd already had Tony topping up the swimming pool with water and Gary dropping by.

Gary, Michael and I danced around the mud room shouting, 'Habs!!! Habs!!!'

The Montreal Canadiens (known in Canada as the Habs after the french phrsae habitant) defeated the Washington Capitals 2-1 last night to take their series. Against ALL odds. The Habs were the last placed team and the Caps the first. Wow.

Gary's last word before leaving was, 'For God's sake, don't tell them you're from montreal.'

So what's the first thing I say when asked by the cab driver at the Washington airport where we're from? 'Oh, Montreal.'

he gave us the stink-eye.

As I say, Tony also dropped by

Indeed, we knew Tony was there because we heard what sounded like the biggest mouse in the world scrambling away behind a wall. A bull-mouse. Turns out it was just Tony, trying to attach the hose to the outside tap.

Ken and Mary came late yesterday, to vacuum the pool. I have a photo of them shoveling first, to get to it, after our snow fall. Fortunately most of it has fallen off the trees.

Got across the border easily and did the park and shuttle thing at the Burlington Airport. Twice. Let me explain...ahem... the community radio station gave me an MP3 player to record this I started recording events this morning...bits and piece, inclduing crossing the border. We got to the airport, jumped on the shuttle, checked in, got through security when I realized I'd left the recorder in the car!


Told Michael. Dear one volunteered to go all the way back. But I said, No, let's just leave it, I can record another event for them. But he I decided I really should go. (a rare moment of clarity). Went back through security, out the airport, waited for the nice shuttle to the park and shuttle, got the keys, walked to the car...and found the tape machine...lying on the pavement beside the car!!!

Just lying there.


Now this is a terribly expensive machine and I'm not at all sure what lie I'd have to tell them. Mugged in Washington, and the only thing they took as the MP3 player.

But I didn't have to...there it was.

Sooo, back on the shuttle, back to the airport, back through security, who now scrutinized me quite closely as a possible psychotic. And found Michael waiting at the gate. Told him the whole amazing story, and thanked him. he was quite chuffed, and he should be.

The flight from Burlington to Washington DC was about an hour...very smooth and easy, and fast.

We arrived, checked in - dodged dirty looks when people realized we were from Quebec... then went to a local seafood house for chowder and sea scallops. Now will spend the evening relaxing before tomorrow. We've been here at Malice Domestic so often it feels like home. Dear, not sure that sounds so good...

Go Habs!!!


Dana said...

Speak French, or English with a Quebec accent. Wear a red shirt. Dance in the halls. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for "A Brutal Telling" making the Booklist top ten crime novels of 2010.

The Book was brilliant and the praise well deserved.


Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

I'm happy for you that the 'Habs' won, but sad for my son as he was rooting for the 'Caps'!

Welcome to Washington. Have a great time at Malice Domestic and may the Brutal Telling win.

Bev S.

Diane said...

Go Habs! What a year for Canadians - the Olympics, the Habs, and in our small town of Truro, NS, the world championship in curling on by our own gifted women athletes.

Have a wonderful time in Washington.