Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Snow!!! temps zero


Did I mention what happened today? We're having Snow!!! And now just a flake or two. We've had about a foot of heavy wet stuff. Very, very beautiful. But when it starts staying on the roads it's quite dangerous, especially since most people have removed their winter tires. We haven't. Couldn't get an appointment with the garage until next Tuesday. Seemed nuts to be driving on winter tires into May. Until today. Now we look brilliant.

The main problem for us, though, is what the heavy snow does to the trees and bushes and flowers. Poor tulips, bowed to the ground. But it's the bushes and trees that are the most worrisome. After feeding trudy she and I went outside with a big broom, and swept the honeysuckle and lilacs and apple trees.

Very satisfying - and fun. they bounced right back into place once the snow dropped off their branches.

The other problem, related to trees and heavy snow, is that they bend over onto the hydro wires (electrical lines I guess they're called elsewhere) - causing power outages. We poured a tubful of water, in case there's an outage.

Michael and I went to breakfast this morning, then to Knowlton to visit Lucy and Danny at the bookstore and sign some books. then over to the community radio station - CIDI. I told them I'd take a tape machine and record our trip to Washington for Malice Domestic and the Agatha Awards - to give people an idea what it feels like from the inside. But we had to pop by to pick up the machine and learn how to use it.

Nice day yesterday too...but with writing like a maniac trying to finish the book before heading to Washington Thursday I barely looked up. So didn't have time to blog. Then we had a dinner party last night. Actually, it was a fundraiser to raise money for sports facilities for kids here. 300 people at the chalet of the ski hill, Mont Sutton. Ironic it should start to snow while there. Our friend Wilder arranged for a table. Lots of fun. But to be honest I was so tired and distracted I'm not sure I was the best companion. And the music was so loud it was almost impossible to hear.

But I'm glad we went...and we met a bunch of people we've never met before.

We have a neighborhood watch meeting tonight, in Sutton. Through the snow, but our friends and neighbors Guy and Nicole are organizing it - so we really should go. Besides, there'll be Surete du Quebec officers there - and I have some questions.

I don't actually think I'll be finished the book tomorrow - but I'm close. We'll see. Perhaps I'll get as far as I can and just write, The End.

Hope you're enjoying the day!


suzy said...

Snow! Oh the poor tulips! However, today I would swap your snow for a neighbors black lab. He is in the habit of running with his owner, and has plowed through my iris bed two mornings in row now. For the past 2 days, I had to go out and clip a huge vase full of flowers so that they would not go to waste after being broken. I don't know who less mannerly--the dog or the owner.

Linda said...

Snow!!! And at the end of April, no less. Still, I almost think I'd rather have snow than the clouds of blackflies that have emerged over the past few days. At least snow doesn't bite!! Can hardly wait for the new book... and the next one, and the next one.......

Diane said...

Glad you still have your winter tires for your trip out tonight. Our local weather forecaster never takes hers off until the end of April - she's a wise and experienced woman with snow - she moved to NS from Quebec!

Malice Domestic - that has to be a thrill and lots of fun too. I hope you will share some of it in your blog with us AS long as it doesn't take too much time away from your writing, book almost finished, now that's exciting news for us who love Gamache et al. Work hard and rest little.

Dana said...

Suzy, Don't worry about the Lab. When our neighbour's dog died last year he was replaced by raccoons, porcupines, deer, and finally a bear. They not only tip garbage, eat blackberry plants and hostas down to the roots, they also devoured the tender young cherry and apple tree branches. I dream of the good old days when the dog ran through, and sometimes took a nap in the garden.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

totally understand how annoying stray pets are...especially ones who should be monitored by their owners. Not very fun, or nice.

Here I don't think it was a co-incidence that the bear came by when we'd been away and had taken Trudy. She generlly stays here when we're gone, with Pat and Tony, but when she's away all manner of cresature shows up.

The snow is now melting...will hope that the tulips etc haven't been killed. Won't probably know until we get back next week.