Friday, 16 April 2010

Michael's got nerve (s)

rain, cool, temps 3

We're in Montreal. Having a wonderful day....especiually hearing from Lise that it was snowing in Sutton this morning. Not here. Rain and cool, but not bad at all.

Michael went to his dentist yesterday afternoon because a tooth was hurting. Seems it was the same tooth that had had a root canal 15 years ago. Which is odd. Given that generally a root canal would kill the nerve, or root. But now the tooth is hurting. The dentist (who didn't do the root canal) says sometimes a tooth had more than one root, it can be like a tree, I suppose, with small off shoots.

Michael seems to be root-enriched. But the dentists grinded the tooth down a bit and now it isn't hurting, and Michael's just made an appointment with the root-canal guy. For next week.

He's feel much better.

We had a splendid day here. Writing. Wrote about 3,000 words...very complex series of scenes. not sure how good it is, but I think it's quite good. Will know better tomorrow when I read it over.

All our adventures with the bear (well, granted, most of them have been in my head) made me remember a not very good movie with two great actors...The Edge...Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin and a honkin great grizzly bear. It's a silly movie, but with lovely scenery, which all three actors are now eating. This might not help my concerns about a bear breaking into our home. But perhaps I will now dream about Alec Baldwin breaking in.

I'm ready.

Writing tomorrow morning then off to Burlington for dinner with Susan and her friend Liz, to celebrate Susan's birthday. We're eating at the Belted Cow. Might not have a chance to blog tomorrow. Will aim for Sunday!

Have a great weekend!


Kay said...

Louise, I totally understand about the nerve situation. My root canal was accomplished in January with 4 visits to the dentist as my tooth had 4 canals instead of 3 or something like that. It's frustrating. Hope Michael can get everything situated there. :-)

Looking forward to the new book!!!

Jeanine said...

ooo ... ooo ... ooo! May I join your dream?

jeanine said...

Oops! I didn't quite mean that the way it came out. Never mind. :-)

Reen said...

:) What Jeanine said- without the never-no-mind.

Reen said...

Well, with all the excitement over the prospect of an Alec Baldwin dream, I forgot to write the comment I opened the comment box for, in the first place. Just to say my thoughts and all my empathy are with Michael. Kendall, however, loves to go to the dentist with me. But then, all he has to do is watch... and eat the homemade puppy treats she gives him.

Christine said...

I've only had one root canal done, and that's one too many. At first I was paying attention to what the oral surgeon was doing. I thought is was interesting from a biological/medical point of view. But then I realized, I was freaking myself out a bit and attempted to get to a happy place in my head. ;)

I remember loving the scenery in The Edge! I'd say 8 of 10 times, when I absolutely love the scenery in a film, it was filmed somewhere in Canada.

Reen said...

Oops- just got what Jeanine meant- mmmm... nevermind.

Donna K said...

Still jealous about your bear and your metabolism...eating out so often. It must be nice to be tall.

I bet your bathrobe tie never gets caught in door handles and you never get bumped in the b_ _ _ s
by peoples' elbows nor be deprived by a view when traveling by tall German and Scandinavian tourists!!!

Well, life is tough..ha
Donna K..Need to figure out about the advanced signed copies...

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the Michael tooth sympathy...will keep you updated. For now, miraculously, his tooth has stopped aching...but will still go to the specialist. I suspect like you Kay he is nerve-enriched.

And Reen and Jeanine - get your own Baldwin Dream Brother!!! (though Alec really is the best, isn't he?)

And it's true, the scenery in The Edge is spectacular, and, as you say Christine, Canadian. It was filmed in British Columbia I believe.

It's true, being tall is Not so great at 15. But now I get the perks. But, have to say, I am heading toward being as wide as I am tall. Oh well.