Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Somebody's been sleeping in my bed...

bright sunny skies, cool, temps 6

Very calm day, no wind...makes it feel much milder. But it is a crystal clear day. Gorgeous.

Didn't sleep well last night. Started off well. got to bed by 8:30 (yes - such is the life of an international jet setter) - read the page proofs for Bury Your Dead...got 100 more done. Not many errors, at least not that I found. Then at 10pm I watched House Hunters and House Hunters International. New favorite shows. Fantasy stuff. Then off to sleep. I always fall asleep quickly.

And then, well, it's anyone's guess what happens. Happily most days now I sleep all the way through. But sometimes i wake up at 3 and toss and turn. Thinking about the book. But not last night. last night I woke up about 1am and starting thinking about....the bear.

suppose, my 1am brain asked, the bear comes back and is hungry. Can it break into the house? the doors are locked, the alarm is on...but maybe a bear doesn't worry about such things. And then what?

What was that? A creak? A groan? A bear?

So I lay in bed coming up with plans. Close and lock the bedroom door...though that seemed not very effective, if the bear could get through locked front door. Still, it would slow him down, thought my 1:30am brain.

but it did not seem the best plan. We could climb into the attic, I thought. drag a chair over, lift Michael into it first, get Trudy up there. Then I could jump up...and maybe knock over the chair. So the bear wouldn't come up too.

Have to take the phone to call someone. The Surete. They'd save us.

I fell off to sleep trying to remember to take the phone with us into the attic when the bear broke into the house.

I hope a degree of insanity is a good thing in a writer. Kind of too bad if it isn't.

Went off for breakfast in Cowansville today - then did some banking and renewed my drivers license and health care card. And then home by noon, for a call from my agent with the news Turkey has bought the rights to my books. That's terrific. Very happy about that.

fielded some requests for events to promote The Brutal Telling, including a possible mini-tour of Ontario linked to the Evergreen nominations of the Ontario Library System.

Then spent the afternoon writing book 7. Such a funny life (bears aside)...promoting The Brutal Telling, editing Bury Your Dead, writing book 7 and starting to think about book 8. No wonder I'm nutty.

tomorrow is our friend Bal's birthday, as well as our friend Cheryl's birthday! I'm heading off for a 7:30 birthday breakfast with Cheryl. Great way to start the day.

Hope you are slightly nuts too.


Deryn said...

So glad I'm not the only one! I have spent many a night worrying about something that, by light of day seems very silly. Recently spent a half hour a 3AM worrying about a friend's tulip bulbs.

Linda said...

It's certainly one way to get through life... being slightly nuts. Works for me, anyway. Worrying about a bear breaking in is something I never thought to do - until now! Can't wait to get my hands on the next book; I miss Clara.

Reen said...

Hmmm. I go to bed at 8:30, so how come I'm not a jet setter?

Anonymous said...

I have experienced similar mid-night sessions, usually trying to solve a problem at work (no bears involved). Always left me feeling drained and like I had not slept. the mind, like God, works in mysterious ways.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

So glad I'm not alone in my sleepless nights, and nuttiness. Thanks! Love the friend's tulips. right now it sounds, well, nutty - but it makes perfect sense at 3am!

Will think of you all also staring into space, at 3am. it helps.