Sunday, 25 April 2010

The end is nigh...or...The end is not nigh

mainly sunny, mild, temps 15

Did a lot of writing today - almost 4,000 words. I think my plan now is just to blast through to the end, and worry about whether these sections are any good on the second draft. I know, I know - I've said that before...but this time I think I mean it. I'm so close to the end...I can hear and see the next few scenes...and I know that when I get to this stage in the next draft it will be obvious what needs to be changed.

But we'll see. The only problem, as ever, is that the end seems to keep moving further away.

Michael is also VERY close to finishing his first draft...very exciting.

Lovely day here...the gardens, thanks to Lise and Donna, look spectacular. Trudy and I toured them a few times - and around the pond too. Sitting here in the TV room I can see the front porch and see a birds next there - with a bird coming and going. not sure it there are eggs or babies. That would be fun.

VERY happy that the Canada geese seem to have given our pond a miss this year. We love seeing them and their babies - but their droppings get old fast.

Nice quiet day. Bliss. Nothing to do except what we want. Which is pretty well drinking cafe au lait, eat Social Teas, write, and walk with Trudy.


Ovidia said...

Love that you, Michael & the birds nest are all feeding promising 'projects'!

Suzy said...

I know exactly what you mean....I both paint and write, and find that if I do not go though the "I love it/I hate it/I love it" stages, the work has no merit.

Maureen Harrington-Carter said...

I love watching the birds, too. Kendall and I feed the quail every morning and now have them running up to us when the garage door opens. So beautiful... and a mourning dove has nested low in the desert willow by our kitchen window. Kendall now insists on having his café au lait there- in his Vive Gamache mug, of course.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Ovidia, Suzy, Reen and Kendall,

The birds really are mesmerizing. I have to say, especailly in winter, with the feeders. Love that others lives are so similiar to ours - whether it's the birds or creating, and swinging from loving it to hating it. So comforting not to be alone!

carol said...

Did i miss something? Is Michael writing too??? How exciting!!