Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Moving ahead by going back

mainly sunny, warm, lovely day. temps 15

Gorgeous day - Lise, Donna Del and two young men shoveled compost for most of the day - and the garden looks spectacular. There was a bat flying around, though. Freaked poor Donna out. I love bats - but don't really want to get too close. They're just so good for the environment...but they should not be flying around during the day.

not sure what's up with this property...normally noctural creatures are about in broad daylight. The skunk and now the bat.

Our theory is it's the bat that was asleep this winter by the fireplace, that I took out and put in the shed. The gardeners disturbed it today and it left the shed and just zoomed around. I hope so. Like to think the little bat survived.

We dropped by and saw Markus...rolling in the mud. Very happy horse! Also dropped by and saw Gary and Alan at the guest cottage and the new balcony they've built. Fabulous!

Went to breakfast with michael this morning - then drove to Richford, to mail the page proof corrections to NYC - and listen to music and think about the rest of the book. Actually, I just had another structural idea.

Wrote a few thousand words...but now i think I need to go back and re-do it. Oh well.

have been invited to the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville, TN - for Oct 8,9th. And the Calgary Literary Festival. Not sure if I can make that one, though I'd LOVE to. My friend Anne Green runs it and it's her last year putting it together, so would love to go to celebrate her. But it's the same weekend as Bouchercon, in San Francisco. the big crime readers and writers convention.

Busy week...will set the alarm and get up early tomorrow to write a couple thousand words before noon - then off to Montreal for Michael's dentist stuff...then Thursday we have breakfast with a friend, and off to Blue Met. The ash cloud had stranded the Crime Writers of Canada organizer of the event in England - so Barbara, Tony and I need to get there early and figure things out. Happily we've all done this many times...but it means doing stuff we wouldn't normally. (do NOT let your imaginations go wild)

Then the event at 6:30 at the delta hotel. Thanks, Marjorie, for the link on the comments page!!!

Will try to blog tomorrow...


thomas reiser said...

They just opened up UK today so maybe said individual will be back soon

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Tom,

Quite right! Got an email at 4:30 this morning from Nancy to say she'll be home. Phew.