Friday, 30 April 2010


sunny, warm, lovely day - temps 75

Glorious washington today...trees in full bloom.

Michael and I had breakfast together, though I was still full from yesterday. Then at 10am there was this wonderful event that I believe is unique to Malice Domestic and that's this sort of speed dating with authors. 20 tables are set up, with ten people at each, and space for 2 authors. the fabulous Canaidan myrsery writer Vicki Delany and I teamed up. We had 2 minutes each to talk about our books, then at the end of 4 minutes the authors got up and went to the next table and began again. For 90 minutes. By the end we were giddy with exhaustion.

Then Vicki, Michael and I headed off for lunch - and returned in time to hear William Link interviewed one-on-one. He's one half of the famous Levinson-Link TV producing team. They created Columbo and Murder, She Wrote and all sorts of other great TV shows and movies. Brilliant. He's one of the guest of honors here. Very funny interview - filled with anecdotes. Sadly I don't have time to go through it now. But trust me, they were hilarious. Best I'm just teasing you.

had a quiet hour in the room and now am in the lobby blogging - where the internet is available.

Oh, the Edgar's were last night in New York City and Minotaur Books (my publishers) cleaned up! John Hart won for Best Novel and the fabulous Stefani Pintoff won for best first novel for In the Shadow of Gotham. Congratulations!!!

Need to run...opening ceremonies in a few minutes...introducing the Agatha nominees.... Rhys Bown, Donna Andrews, Lorna Barrett, Hank Phillipi Ryan and me! Then the five of us have a panel...and then there's the live auction tonight. They're auctioning off a signed ARC for Bury Your Dead...the first person in the world, outside the publishers, to get a copy!!

Speak later...


Anne said...

Will be thinking of you tonight - what fun and well deserved! Would give anything to be bidding on that book - get those publishers to get it moving out to the rest of us!
Good luck! Anne

Lee Ann said...

Someday I'm going to get to this conference--it sounds like a lot of fun! (though maybe a lot of work for the authors).

At least you get to enjoy some beautiful Washington DC weather. I had to turn on the air conditioner this afternoon and tomorrow it's supposed to get near 90!

Lee Ann

Beth said...

I wish I were there, both to cheer you on and to bid like crazy. :)

Diane said...

Thank you for taking the time to blog -- it must have been an exhausting day - exhausting but exciting. Good luck this evening. Will be routing for you.

Maureen Harrington-Carter said...

Go Louise! Habs! Go Sox!

Marjorie said...

And here is a link to what Vicki Delany has to say about Louise and Malice Domestic:

I have also linked it on Facebook.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Vicki Delany said...

Thanks for doing that Marjorie. Much appreciated.

Diane said...

Thanks Marjorie for your post. Appreciated! Hoping so much that Louise's book will win tonight. Now, if I could only get facebook literate.

whalewatcher said...

All the best for tonight! No matter what your books win an award w/me and many others every time!

Anne said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray!!
Finally found the news on Google. Congratulations for your winning of the Agatha Award for The Brutal Telling!!
Great news, Anne

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi everyone,

I felt your energy and good wishes - and...


Yipppeee - we won!!!!

But you know, I'm SO grateful to know that while you celelbrate with me - win or lose, you're still there.

Thank you!

Diane said...

I am so happy for you -- what an honour and distinction, and talk about encouragement for continuing on!! Congrats.