Saturday, 24 April 2010

the doc's dock

sunny, mild, temps 15

Another beautiful day - we're back in Sutton. Walked over to the guest cottage with trudy to see how Gary and Alan got on without our supervision and advice. Oddly, everything is finished! And done beautifully!! The large blacony/deck/verandah. And they re-built the dock completely! And even built in a bench. It is just so peaceful on a summer's day to sit down there with a cup of coffee in the morning. And now they needn't worry about taking their lives in their hands.

the place is getting very uninteresting. Hardly any mortal dangers anymore. Bears gone. Decks without holes. Docks repaired. We're heading off to Malice on Thursday (thank for the link, Marjorie!!!) - but friends will be using the cottage in our absence - coming for a funeral.

Speaking of travels, we've confirmed (as far as I know) that the Canadian launch party for Bury Your Dead will be in Quebec City on Friday, Oct 29th. At the Morrin Centre - which is the home of the wonderful Literary and Historical Society - where much of the action of Bury Your Dead takes place. We'll be there, of course...and it'll be a GREAT party. If you can come that would be amazing.

And, have just booked a few days in New York in early July...some business stuff, but mostly going to celebrate my friend Dan's birthday. Michael and I will be staying at a hotel I've been dying to try - the W Union Square. Now, we've stayed at lots of W's - like them a lot...but they are famous for compact rooms...and in NYC they tend to be miniscule. But apparently the W Un ion Square has much larger rooms...and we booked into a Mega Room - which bodes well. Will let you know, of course.

Gary and Alan, Bless 'em, also put the dock in at the main house.

The daffodils are all up - the tulips are just days away from blooming. What an amazing time of the year...especually when you consider the feet and feet of snow not all that long ago.

Didn't get any writing done today - but did a first draft of the May newsletter. Don't forget, I'll be giving away 2 copies of the advance copy of BURY YOUR DEAD in this newsletter. It always feels better to get the newsletter written. Linda Lyall, in Scotland, who manages and designs the website and newsletter, is magnificent.

Must go. Have some gardening to do. As we talked to the cottage I noticed some digitalis in the forest _ where i'd spread seeds years ago - and want to dig some up and plant them in the garden around the house. And our friend Cotton dropped by while we were gone and left off three beautiful potted asian lilies, which need to be popped into the garden as well. The cutting garden I think, for them.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Oh - the Canadien's won!!! Just when we thought we'd be put out of our misery. But hope still burns.


Marjorie said...

This time maybe you will let me give you some NYC recommendations if you have any openings in your June trip! I like the W Hotel on Lexington Avenue midtown because there is a Bliss spa attached to it, but I have never stayed at the W Union Square. I love the area of Union Square on the weekends for the Green Market. Also for the huge Strand used book store a block away.

Marjorie from CT (but who goes to NYC often)

Diane said...

How exciting - NYC, I love the city, our son has lived there for the last 8 years and we never tire of it whenever we visit, always something new to see, food to try, and walks in CP.

I'm going to try to make the launch party - barring unforeseen circumstances. All this excitement, I don't know...

Brenda B. said...

Hello Louise,

We've marked October 29 on our calendar and will try to be there at the wonderful Morrin Centre in Quebec City to applaud as you launch Bury Your Dead. Hooray!

Brenda & Diane in Maine

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Brenda - that would be FAB! What fun that would be...and as you know, Quebec City is well worth the effort.

Hi Diane - how wonderful if you could make it! At the very least, the Literary and Historical Society is gorgeous, and Quebec City is also a terrific place. It would be such fun to see you there.

Fingers crossed for all of you.

And Marjorie - as always, I know you won't steer us wrong! Would particularly love suggestions around the Union Square area - like the market!

Thank you