Monday, 5 October 2009

Sigh, sigh, said Pooh.

partly cloudy, some sun, some rain, temps 13

Funny sort of day. Changable.

but a great day in every other way. Michael's eye sight out of that eye is no longer cloudy. He can now see - almost as well as before! The pressure is good, according to the eye doc. All is wonderful - better than we dared hope.

Phew. And SO glad I stayed with him. It might have been OK, but it should would never have felt OK.

Have breakfast in Cowansville then drove in to Montreal - hit bad traffic on the bridge but we were in no rush so it didn't matter. Since Montreal is an island that often happens.

Even arrived with time to drop by the Mac Shop in Montreal to see if we could be seduced by an Apple laptop. We need something smaller and lighter than our normal laptop, for traveling. We're considering the PC notebooks. But seemed a good idea to also check out Mac.

This, however, was a bit like going to the shelter to 'just see'.

We didn't actually come home with a MacBook, but it was close. Need to do some research. Clearly more expensive than PC - double actually. So are they really worth it? And surely the MacBook is considered 'old' by now. But does that matter? The laptop I write all my books on is probably 9 even 10 years old. Not even sure it has a modem. A real clunker. But reliable - sturdy. Does the job.


What a blessed relief that that is the degree of stress in our lives now. Mac or PC?



Marjorie said...


I went with my friend (a playwright) over the weekend to "help" him buy his first iPhone (it was out second visit to the New York City Apple store) as he needed a better way to stay in touch with the four theatres that are currently performing or rehearsing his play. Anyway, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the level of customer service from everyone we had contact with there.

And after you buy the actual machinery, isn't it the follow up with problems that you really need to be concerned with? Based on those experiences versus the awful lack on the part of the non-Mac sellers we have dealt with, I would go for the Mac if my own budget could afford it.

But what do I know?

Oh, and they look pretty cool, too!

I am very glad to hear that Michael is making such excellent progress.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise,

I am so glad that Michael's eye is doing so well. What a gift. And well deserved, you guys must be living right. If it is of any help, I am on my third Mac, and wouldn't buy another brand. There is always help in case of a crash (you do have to pay for it), and Macs simply don't crash that much. It is a different operating system, so you might have some startup time, but most of the people I know come to buy Macs because they are user friendly, easy to learn, work horses, and have an outstanding "genius" squad to help. Also they are less vulnerable to viruses. Lord, I sound like a cheerleader. Like Marjorie, this is just my opinion, along with a lot of other good people. Ultimately, as your friendly blogger, I would do what makes you feel comfortable, since you use it to make us-your fans-happy!

Jeanine said...

Hi Louise,

Such wonderful news about Michael's eye and vision. Just wonderful!

I can't comment on the Mac, so am no help to you there.

However, I can now comment on the wonderful review of The Brutal Telling in the People magazine. The one with John Travolta on the cover. I was looking at the wrong issue before. What a fantastic review ... and what a beautiful picture of you! You have to feel so pleased on all counts.

It tickles me that the reviewers are struggling in their attempts to express how fantastic your writing is. They keep trying to compare you to someone else -- Agatha Christie ... and now, even Jessica Fletcher! When, of course, you are in a class all your own. There are no words to adequately describe what you do. You are above and beyond.

Elizabeth said...

Go with the Mac. We have three in our household. Very user friendly, great service. So happy to hear that Michael's eye is doing well.

Shelagh Davis said...

Dear Louise and Michael, So very happy to hear Michael is doing so well!
Absolutely loved your comment about "...being like going to the shelter to 'just see'"! Been there...came home with two cats, and later on a big beautiful dog...after having gone to 'just see'. Our home is/was a better place because of it.
However, I, too, am unable to help you with the Mac (but I'm a great help on visits to the shelter).
Be well, Shelagh D.

Mercedes said...

Louise --

Like you, I was raised on Winnie-the-Pooh. His search for Heffalumps and Woozles nursed me through mumps, measles and chicken pox. I was always the one trying to cheer up Eeyore. His birthday balloon burst en route to his birthday party. How pathetic is that?

All this to say, go with the Mac.

Splurge and go with the Mac.


vertamahood said...

Hold off a few days on the models are on the way. This link tells you when it's agood time to buy Apple products

Beth said...

Wonderful, wonderful news about Michael's vision. Adding my thankfulness to yours.

I was fortunate enough to receive a Mac laptop for my most recent birthday. My pc had been the cause of much frustration and distress, and the last five months of Appledom have been blissful. It simply does not crash the way the pc did, nor does it send ambiguous, alarming messages, or dissolve into that infamous "blue screen of death". I would recommend an Apple to anyone, everyone...and I do, anytime I have the chance. (Oh, those converts.)

I'm still smiling, thinking of Michael. I imagine you are, too.

Mercedes said...

Louise --

My Winnie-the-Pooh ramblings aside, I should have mentioned that I have owned three Macs over the past twelve years. All of them superb. My two brothers, who are much more computer savvy than I, have PCs. They are forever cursing them. As part of your research go to Consumer's Report. MacBook and MacBook Pro consistently come out on top!

Everything that Beth said about Appledom is true. (Oh, those converts!)

-- Mercedes

Jodi said...

Great news about Michael (doing happy dance)!

Definitely the Mac. Though you may want to wait for the new models (rumored to be out any minute).

I have had Macs for 20 years. Yes, they do cost more up front, but you save a lot of time, money, and aggravation because they have far fewer problems than PCs.

If something does go wrong, they'll fix it for you. I had a weird problem with my monitor and they sent someone to my house to repair it (free).

Around the same time, a friend with a PC got a virus. After fighting with it for three days, he called the Geek Squad. They wanted to charge him $600 (more than the thing was worth) to come fix it. He eventually chose a "remote fix" for $200.

The "fix" got rid of the virus, but also wiped out the software needed to run his printer and scanner, deleted files, and cost him another 2 days in lost work time to clean up the mess.

My brother is a geek and I could get PCs and tech support for free. I'd rather pay for the Mac.

Oh, and thanks for the reply about the food! I've got a butternut squash ready to be turned into soup.

bgpringle said...

So glad Michael's eye is doing so well - Don & I also give thanks. I meant to tell you of the great display of your books in B & N in Jackson, Miss. The Brutal Telling is well displayed with the new releases, and then there was a stand with all your books in the "mystery" section.

bgpringle said...

Oh, I'm at the point of getting a new laptop, so will wait and see what your decision is...

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and get a MAC. you won't be disappointed. They are the only computers we use in our house and have for many years.


Nikki said...

Definitely go Mac!! They are the best--I use both because some of my exercise programs for work only run on PC (but I just got the program to run Windows on mac but have not used it yet--will comment more if you are interested)..but I have SO many more problems with the sony vaio --much slower, crashes etc..I love my mac!

Ian Schofield said...

Great news about Michael!

Re Mac: do it; you will never regret it (unless you like re-programming, re-booting, reloading etc.). My daughter and I swapped from PC to Mac and the difference is quite something. The extra cost reflects the extra quality.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hello all,

Wow - I love it. Feels like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and I just quizzed the audience - or called a bunch of wonderful friends.

Thank you.

I'm timid about Macs because I don't understand them, but I was definitely leaning in that direction and will now buy one.

BUT - will follow advice and wait a month or so. I'm heading out on tour in a week anyway and won't really be home for a month or so. I really should have bought the MacBook before now so I could take it on tour...but didn't come up for air until today.

Will start to look at when and what the new versions will be. At the very least the prices on the older models might drop. My needs are so simple, an old model would be fine, but I am so easily seduced by anything new and shiny.

Quite excited now about the Mac.

Thank you so much for all your help, and for putting the decision beyond question.