Sunday, 18 October 2009


brilliant sunshine, cool, temps 8

Gorgeous day! flight from Indianapolis sift and sure...very easy. getting through Canadian customs is always a crap-shoot. Not actually making it through, but whether there will be dreadfully long lines...(see trip back from NYC about a month ago!) But last night it was easy...sailed right through.

slept soundly in this wonderful hotel room at the InterContinental downtown...I always take the Club Floor...not surprise to Michael. He'd sleep in a phonebooth. Really doesn't much care about his surroundings. Whereas, I care deeply. He has now succumbed to the inevitability of my asking for an upgrade everytime we arrive at a hotel...and it often works. Never demand, never expect, always smile and always accept graciously when it isn't possible. but it's shocking how often the desk people will give out free room upgrades.

I paid to get onto the Club floor here, and I then asked if a suite, or a larger room was available. it wasn't last night, but this morning they came and said they can give me an even bigger one today. I'm just a glutton for space.

This is a great hotel...right up there with the SoHo Met just down the street...though they are very different. The soho is very chic, very cool - GREAT design. And fabulous general manager in David Kelley. This one, the InterContinental, has bright, large rooms - mine overlooks the lake and I can see small plane in the distance landing on the Island airport...and the Club level is amazing!

Listen to this... there is a large, lovely lounge on the 8th floor where breakfast is served each morning (included in the room price) with again, massive windows. Very relaxing and cheery. Then mid afternoon they serve an English cream tea with scones and sandwiches (also included) and then from 5 to 7pm there's the cocktail 'hour'...must pay for alcoholic drinks but others are included...and wonderful hot hors d'oeurves. Yummy.

Now, I have to admit, I have many flaws, but I am not cheap. I'm more than willing to pay (if I have the money) for great rooms and service...and always leave the housekeepers good tips... but I love great service...and gravitate to that. Who doesn't? So this InterContinental Club floor is terrific.

I tell Michael how fortunate he is to have a wife who does not need or even want the trophy home, or jewelery, or fancy cars or clothing. But I do love to travel well. He has so far stayed mum on whether this is such a great thing!

Will meet his train tonight at 5pm...can hardly wait! In the meantime, a lovely, luxurious day of doing nothing. Reading the Sunday Times and sipping coffee in my bright room, gazing outside every now and then, watching graceful little plane drift to a landing on the island in the lake. How great is this???

Are you still enjoying the tour? We have a few days off...though I might do some writing tomorrow...then a few events later in the week. And no - the InterContinental did not pay me for this advert - though...

be well - talk to you tomorrow.


Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

I'm in complete agreement with you. A good hotel room is priceless. If you have to travel, it's the only way to go.

Enjoy your time with Michael.


Shelagh D. said...

Dear Louise, So enjoyable reading your blog today. You sound so relaxed, and comfortable.

Laughed at your description of Michael being able to sleep in a 'phone booth! I'm definitely more like you. However, I can get lost in a 'phone booth - have absolutely no sense of direction!

We will definitely stay in the InterContinental next time we are in Toronto. Thanks for the heads up. Be well, Shelagh D.

Lee Ann said...

I would happily live in hotels, and this one sounds perfect! Just a shade jealous of this description . . .

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Bev,

Yes - I am relaxed. Michael's here now and all is well.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Shelagh,

We must be a lot alike. I too get lost all the time. Thank God for GSP...but I have no sense of direction.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lee Ann,

It really is a terrific hotel...but I think it's the Club level that makes it. Plus, it is nice and bright...very important. Like you, I love hotels...nice ones. Though I also love home. As I suspect you do too. What's nice, I suspect for both of us, is not having to do cleaning, beds to make, meals to cook. Ahhh.

primerica said...

Haha, I have just discovered your blog and I must say it seems pretty cool. I just love the last sentence of this article. It made me laugh because I was kinda thinking this actually is some sort of an advert for InterContinental. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Toronto.