Friday, 9 October 2009

The Divine

drizzle, mild, dreary temps 9

Actually, I say dreary, but the fact is we've had a marvelous day! My older brother Rob and his wife Audi arrived in Montreal yesterday, from Edmonton. We met the plane and jumped in the car. Long, slow, drive down, but we'd bought lots of sandwiches and soft drinks so we had a kind of picnic in the car. Audi, having been raised in the west, hasn't seen the spectacular colours, so we took a back route.

The colours are at their height. Stunning.

It was dark by the time we got home so we unpacked - lit a fire - and relaxed...nibbling cheese and pate, apples and chocolate. Rob had a scotch, Audi a beer, Michael and I had diet ginger ale, and we just talked. Music on the stereo, some Cuban salsa, some wonderful Jane Sibbery (who we grew up with!), some Josh Groban.

So lovely to have them here.

This morning after breakfast we got in the car and drove the back roads again, to the monastery of St-Benoit-du-lac, on the shores of Lake Memphremagog. We arrived in time to hear the monks singing service - Gregorian chants. Then off to the gift shop where they sell their wares...award-winning cheeses, chocolates and pies.

Dear Lord. Take me now. If that's the way to heaven I'm already an Archangel.

Cannot begin to tell you how much food we came back with.

then had lunch in KNowlton and returned home to find our friend and neighbor Debbie had left two big buckets of flowers from her garden at our back door. She has the most spectacular gardens and she was cutting them down, and she knew we had guests. Voila. Flowers for every room.

A few boxes of books to sign had also arrived.

So now, the fire is laid, the drinks pours, the sweet potatoes are cooking to make the Thanksgiving casserole.

A great life. Doug arrived first thing in the morning, and then we are almost complete. Michael's two sons, Michael and Victor, are coming on Sunday. Hope there's enough food. Ha.

Will try to blog tomorrow. In the meantime, be well. How lucky I am!


lil Gluckstern said...

What a wonderful, spiritual time. My feeling is that you earned this. i hope Michael's tooth is better, and that you relish this time. Again, sounds very wonderful, and very tasty!

Marjorie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Louise.

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Jo B. said...

Your blog today reads like a fairy tale, with your trip to hear the monks singing, buying cheese and chocolates and then arriving home to big bouquets of flowers! Sounds just perfect to me! Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving with all your family!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil,

Thank you - that's how it feels to me too...a wonderful, unexpectedly spiritual time. Gifts.

How are you doing, Lil????

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Marjorie,

Thank you - and happy Canadian-adjacent Thanksgiving to you!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jo B.,

Again, you brought a smile to my face. Happy Thanksgiving to y'all too!