Thursday, 22 October 2009

Pronunciation Guide

overcast, mild, temps 14

Still in Toronto - had a fabulous time last night in Orangeville at the Millcroft Inn. I gave a talk and reading and answered questions, as a fundraiser for Alzheimers...all organized by the amazing Nancy Frater, the owner of Booklore in Orangeville.

First had a glorious dinner with nancy, heather, Sandy and Michael at the millcroft...yum. Then the event. Then poor Nancy had to drive us back to Toronto, through rain and heavy fog. Blech.

But there were loads of people and great questions, and they made us feel very welcome.

Wanted to mention that I recorded the pronunciation guide, with Lise's help...and the help of the local community radio station - CIDI. And Linda has put it up on the website.

Off for dinner with a friend - Margaret - then to the event at Sleuth of Baker Street tonight. Always love that...get lots of friends and acquaintances out. And love Marian and JD. Then off tomorrow to Keswick, Ontario. The area took part in the one town, one book event...where the community chose a single book to many read it as were planned around it...culminating in a dinner with the author. They chose Still wonderful is that?? So we're off for the final event tomorrow night. Then home by train Saturday.

Be well, must fly.


Shelagh said...

Dear Louise, What a wonderful evening for you last night, but I agree with you about Nancy driving through rain and fog. Once a week (here in Michigan) I drive 300 - 360 miles on a Monday, year round. Not bad May to October; however,the other months...rain, snow, ice, fog, etc. is horrible. 45 minutes into my trip (and 1.25 hours from home) I go through a small town that has a sign proclaiming "Just another day in Paradise". Makes me smile, and is very uplifting and gives me an adrenaline surge to get me the rest of the way home!

I, too, love the new pronunciation guide. Thank you to all involved in getting it online.


lil Gluckstern said...

Here on the California coast we have what is called a wet fog, which is exactly what it sounds like, and makes driving too much off an adventure. so I understand. I love your pronunciation guide. which taught me a few swear words I didn't know1 I took french in school, so I have guessed at the words in the books a lot, so now I know. They did not teach us swear words. You are very charming, and have a wonderful voice, now why does that not surprise me?

hilary said...

Years ago my partner and I incoporated -- in Quebec -- as Highland Pig. That was before translation of company names, and I'm sure our lawyer was thoroughly unilingual. On learning about the true meaning of "cochon," I'm glad that I was the highland half of the corp and he was the pig!

Jeanine said...

I LOVE the pronunciation guide. What a wonderful thing this is! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Barb said...

Louise, I just finished listening to the pronunciation guide and wanted to thank you. I had done a lot of guessing and usually knew what the words "meant" but was way off in the pronunciation.

I especially am glad to know how to pronounce Reine-Marie. And having just read The Brutal Telling, had not made the connection that the Gilbert, USA pronounced, was so different from the French.

A favorite of mine is desolate....

Have always loved reading the swear words. Oops.... :D


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

SO thrilled you like the guide. It was fun to do. I imagned sitting you sitting across the table, and just chatting. This also, as I've mentioned, is because lise, (leez) my assistant went back over all the books and pulled out the french words. She's francophone and offered to read it - not realizing I am actually quite fasmiliar with the swear words.

And LOVED Lil's and Shelagh's description of driving and fog.

Another day in paradise. How beautiful.

And Hilary's better half...or something.