Sunday, 11 October 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

brilliant, sunny day, temps 10

Didn't wake up to this! In fact, when Doug and I took Trudy around the pond for her morning walk it was dreadful. Driving rain, cold, almost sleet...all the way around all you heard was Doug and me begging, 'Pee!! Pooooop!' finally, Trudy did the deed and we skiddadled back home.

Rob and Audi were stuffing the turkey and Michael was making coffee. Wonderful. Now the turkey's in the oven, the gibblets are boiling on the stove, potatoes all ready to be boiled and mashed. Pumpkin pie in the fridge and the cream ready to whip. A fire laid in the hearth.

And the sun has come out.

And we are surrounded by family. How lucky we are. Such an amazing feeling to have my two tall, sturdy brothers here. As we walked around the pond yesterday morning, just the three of us, I had the oddest feeling. Not sure I can even describe it. Gratitude, but also something that feel so right. Primal, almost. It surprised me, and almost hurt it was so intense. Joy, yes, but even more than that.

We miss the rest of the family, those who couldn't make it, and those who are no longer with us. But those who were meant to be here made it.

Heading out early tomorrow for Burlington, Vermont. Rob needs to buy some dress shoes. He's getting the Award of Distinction from the Canadian Transportation Association in Vancouver next Sunday. He has everything, except the shoes. So Burlington it is, then we stay the night at an airport hotel, and Rob and Audi fly out to New orleans for a vacation and I head to Houston. Will be speaking at Murder by the Book - a fabulous bookstore in Houston, on Wednesday.

Taking the MacBook. If you don't hear from me, you'll know I haven't figured out how to work it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Shelagh Davis said...

Dear Louise, and Family,
Happy Thanksgiving. What wonderful warm memories you share with your appreciative readers, and such marvelous descriptive phrases of family life, particularly "pee! Poop!!" - brings back fond memories of our beloved flat-coated retriever, Zeke. He was a happy dog on Thanksgiving Day - turkey day! Enjoy these special days with your family. Blessings to all of you, Shelagh D.

Jo B. said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful family Thanksgiving with us! The glimpses of your festivities make me feel so good! Enjoy your Turkey Day!!!

Jeanine said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Michael, Trudy and your family!

C said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! It sounds as though you were surrounded with love and warmth.

I'm in Wisconsin, and it's pretty darn cold here too.

Best to you.

bgpringle said...

Louise & Michael and family, Don and I send warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Bev

lil Gluckstern said...

A happy, (and busy) thanksgiving to you. We are having a cold grey, day in your honor. Can almost smell the turkey, and the pumpkin pie. Have fun on your tour,


Bev Stephans said...

Joyeaux Jour De L'Action De Graces!!

Please tell me I got it right! No circumflex....didn't know how to put it in.

Have a good tour and sell lots and lots of books.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

How wonderful you are - we accept your Thanksgiving greetings! And it was wonderful. Magical. Especially, of course, being with family.

And Bev, yes!!! I should have mentioned that. Isn't this perfect - here in Quebec Thanksgiving is called Action de Grace.

Happy Day of Grace!