Friday, 2 October 2009

Doc says Michael's great!

partly cloudy, cool, temps 8

Cutting to the chase, the doc says Michael's eye is doing really well!!

Phew. I think we're both exhausted. We were going to stay in Montreal until Monday, with me scooting back to Knowlton for the brunch/launch event, then heading back to Montreal...but after seeing the eye doc this morning, and getting the great news...we decided to just head back to the country.

Basically, the damage has stopped - the eye has stopped leaking. The tear has been mended, thanks to donated eye tissue. This was donated by the family of someone who died suddenly and tragically. Can you imagine? And it has saved Michael's vision.

It is both terrible and beautiful.

The pressure in that eye was down to almost zero, according to the doctor during the operation...but now it's back up to 8. Apparently a normal eye pressure is 12-14...but he is thrilled with it being at 8 so quickly.

We have another appointment in Montreal Monday at 1pm - but have every expectation everything is terrific. We feel, too, a responsibility to the person who donated the eye tissue, and to their family. We can't absolutely make it 'take' - but we can do loads not to mess it up ourselves.

We're kind of pooped now. But wonderful to be back in the country. I sat in a bubble bath for an hour...and read...wait for it...People Magazine!!!

Did you see the great review? Yippee.

It's almost 5pm - time for Trudy's dinner...then I actually think I might change all the clocks in the house, convince Michael it's 8pm - time for our dinner then bed.

Hope to spend tomorrow on the first big edit of the literacy novella. Right now I'm pretty sure it's crap. I'm trying to see that as a good sign.

Be well - and thank you, thank you, thank you for holding our hands and our hearts through this time. You are beautiful.


lil Gluckstern said...

I am so glad to hear that Michael's eye is doing so well. that he received donated tissue is part of the irony in life. So a continued good recovery, and hope you all get your sleep. I love the picture of Trudy dictating-now we know the truth, oh Louise, may your humor never let you down. And your faith and good spirits keep you going.

Jeanine said...

Oh, Louise, such happy, lovely news!

I just came home from the grocery store where I stood in an aisle trying to find the review in the new People magazine. I evidently missed it as I didn't see it. What page is it on? (I will gladly buy the magazine when I see the ad.)

You deserve the long bubble bath -- I plan to sit down with a nice cup of hot tea in your and Michael's honor.



Bev Stephans said...

Blessings to you and Michael. What great news!

Margaret J. McMaster said...

So many reasons to celebrate - an improved eye, good reviews. You both deserve the good things coming your way.

Shelagh Davis said...

Dear Louise and Michael, So happy to hear the great news about Michael's eye, and here's to it just continuing to get better and stronger. Wonderful news. Get some rest both of you! Bless you, Shelagh D.

Brenda B. said...

Hello Louise and Michael,

We're so happy to hear this positive news. Hope you're able to rest,relax and recover over the weekend.


Brenda & Diane

Jeanine said...

Whoops ... sorry. I meant "review" - not "ad" :-0

Jo B. said...

Wonderful news! Now, for a nice quiet weekend filled with rest for both you and Michael! Waiting on surgery patients is worse than being the one having it done...they are asleep and you must pace the floor!

Linda said...

Praise the Lord. Now you can exhale.

Cece said...

What lovely news-let the stress run right out our toes and enjoy the country peace. (As I typed that, a blue jay let loose 6 inches from the window....peace is a relative term.)

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Well, I've laughed out loud several times reading your wonderful comments...including that last one, Cece. You know how we long for more merde around this house. Great! I think that must be a good sign.

And Jeanine...thanks for looking. It's on page 51. Sad that I know that without even having to look it up. But, in my flimsy defense, Marjorie wrote to say she'd seen it in People, commented it was on page 51 and further commented that 51 is actually my age. I'm hoping, in the distant future, to find one on page 105. Though hoping they're using the same picture.

Yes, praise the Lord. Praise the courage of the family that donated, and the spirit of the person died, who lives on in Michael. And in my heart.

And, sadly, no rest this weekend. A novella to finish and a launch to go to. Indeed, looking at my calendar, no rest until December.

But no one is throwing stones at me - my work is to stand in front of lovely people who like my words. How lucky is that!

And the big relax came, as many of you commented, when we got the great news from the doc.


It's quarter to nine and time for bed. Night night.

Mercedes said...

Louise --

Thrilled with the news about Michael's eye surgery. Linda said, "Now you can exhale." Now your entire coterie can exhale!

Jeanine and I are in the same boat. We looked for a review of The Brutal Telling in People magazine and couldn't find it. What is the date of the issue? I looked for it in October 5th's.

Sending thoughts from sunny Arizona to you and Michael and Trudy. Hoping that whatever goes into Buttercup comes out of Buttercup.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving next weekend.

-- Mercedes

Marjorie said...

That must have been Cousin Marjorie and not me who found the People Magazine review. I haven't had a chance to look yet! Although I am also 51, but that is neither here nor there. Today I look about 97. Long day!

--Marjorie from relation!