Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Library and Museum

Mix sun and cloud, some rain, temps 90

Dear Lord - 90 degrees and genius here brought turtle necks and a tweed jacket. And a scarf. And fuzzy gloves. I wonder, if I was going to Alaska, would I take a sun dress?

Back in the hotel room now between events. I suppose some writers go out and explore the city, which would make some sense. I, however, Miss Tweed, love cocooning in the hotel room. But - another stroke of genius - when I left for the Houston library event at noon I left the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, so they didn't. Housekeeping hasn't been - so i called down and can't get into my flannels (my real outer skin) until they've been and gone. So I'm waiting for them.

When they come I'll head out - oops just came...speak later. helloooo.

Back in the room now. After all that about not seeing Houston I decided to take advantage of the chamber maids working to print tomorrow's boarding pass and wander around outside. Well - what did I find??? The hotel is right across the street from the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. And it's FREE. Not that I mind paying at all. Indeed, I expect to since we pay entrance to museums in Canada. But this one I sailed into...and spent a wonderful half hour or so wandering. Kept thinking how much Michael would have loved it. And clearly half and hour is not nearly enough...but it gave me a taste, and it was cool, and tranquil and quite amazing.


Now back in the room...will order lunch and relax. Have the event at Murder By the Book tonight...then flying to Indianapolis tomorrow. Arrive in Indianapolis for Bouchercon mid-afternoon...then the Barry and Macavity awards cocktail is at 6pm - The Cruelest Month is nominated for both (don't, of course, expect to win...up against fabulous writers)...then have a 7:30 event at a Barnes and Noble. Back to the hotel room by 10pm I expect.

Bouchercon is always a mad-house. But loads of fun. I don't think I will get a chance to write until Friday. Take care - I'll write if I find work.


lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise,
It looks like you are adapting to the Macbook just fine, and enjoying your visit. It is wonderful to get a new city and do some sightseeing, when you are there for a fun event. After your lovely weekend and travel, cocooning doesn't sound half bad though. Have fun and enjoy.

Shelagh Davis said...

Hi Louise, Good luck tomorrow at Bouchercon!
When either my husband or I leave our house we also usually say "write if you get work!" Love it.
Be well, Shelagh D.

Bev Stephans said...

Hi Louise,

Hope big brash Houston is treating you well. The museum sounded lovely! Whenever I'm in a new place, I usually head for the museums first, then the fun places.....not that the museums aren't fun places!

Good luch at Boucheron! I have a feeling that you will prevail!

Take care, Bev

Judy said...

Dearest Louise,

I was absolutely thrilled to finally meet you tonight at Murder By the Book!

Listening to you was so fascinating! I could have listened to you for hours! I was so excited to hear another book is in the works -- can't wait, can't wait!

Hope you will fill that coffee mug from Texas with something warm and delicious when you get back home and get to relax and snuggle down.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have finally met you -- I hope you will be back in Houston soon! And good luck tomorrow night!

All the best,

Judy Tilbury

p.s. thanks for the correct pronunciations of the character names :) we Texans tend to put that drawl of ours into every word!

Happy writing!!

Snap said...

Hi Louise,
Enjoyed the book signing at Murder By The Book and seeing you for the first time. You must have looked like you *belonged* in the museum! Free day is Thursday! :D :D Both us have read all 5 books and feel Brutal is the best yet. Thanks for visiting and good luck at Bouchercon.

Sharon S said...
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Sharon S said...

I love good writing, and I love good mysteries. Your novels are the best of both. I am so anxious to read the most recent two, but in my haste, complicated by an overfull schedule, I've mis-ordered them from my library not once, not twice, but THREE times now(wrong book, wrong library, arriving to pick up the book an hour after it was sent on to another library). I cannot tell you how disappointed I am each time. They are on my Christmas list, but that is simply too far away. So, I just tried again. I didn't stop there this time because I don't feel like starting my homework for my grad class yet, I have no students left hovering around my desk, and I have an hour before my evening job starts. So, longing for more of your work to savor, I googled your name, and found your blog. I love this nearly as much as your novels! Your writing is artful, intelligent, and even inspirational. So, I want to say, "Thank you" -- to you, your publishers and editors, and everyone else who supports your writing and keeps you going. I hope you have many more stories to tell, and that I have the opportunity to read them all. Of course, I will first have to read the most recent two, which, assuming I hit checked all the right boxes and the stars otherwise align, will be soon.

With much respect and appreciation,

Sharon in CT

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Sorry again for the mass reply...but I read all your comments and so appreciate them!

Houston was wonderful. I found myself on the plane thinking about Houston and thinking I could live there. I don't think that of every place...and God knows, it's odd because I don't know Houston...but I just like the people I met so much. As a Canadian it wouldn't seem a natural fit - and yet it feels like that.

A very good feeling.

And Judy - THANK YOU for the wonderful Texas mug! So generous. I have it with me (of course) now and looking forward to loads of coffees in it, while writing - and thinking not just of your kindness, but the kindness of everyone I met in the Lone Star State.

Judy said...

Dearest Louise,

I'm so glad you enjoyed Houston - it really is a wonderful city - it is hot as H*** during the summer months (especially for those of us enjoying menopause :() but winters are mild, so unlike your winters in Canada.

I'm so glad you liked my very small token -- it wasn't much, but wanted you to think of all of your many, many fans in Texas when you're back home sipping coffee.

Meeting you was like meeting a long lost friend.....happy trails until we meet again.