Tuesday, 13 October 2009


partly cloudy, hot, humid, temps 82

And I'm in a turtleneck and jacket! but I'm here. and this is the first time I'm using the MacBook. Very scary. Couldn't even figure out how to turn it on...or actually plug it in. At least I managed to get it out of it's soft case. but here we are. a new day. In Houston with a MacBook. Yippee.

Yesterday was fun. Thanksgiving Monday. Michael's sons Michael and Victor stayed at the cottage the night before and came over for a breakfast of blueberry pancakes and bacon. My brother Doug had already left to return to Toronto - at 2:30 in the morning. knocked on our door to say goodbye. We knew he'd be leaving them - beat the traffic. Beat the sun. Beat common sense, which was chasing him but never quite caught up.

Then Michael's sons left for Montreal and we left for Burlington. Michael drove Rob and Audi and me to the hotel, then to Church street to shoe shop (didn't find any) then lunch of burgers - yum. Then back to the hotel and he headed off to Sutton. Emailed at the border to say he'd made it just fine. I worry with his sight - and with the setting sun. But he made it home in daylight and in one piece. As did the car.

Then up this morning to catch flights...Rob and Audi to New Orleans and me here to Houston. Could not have been easier. The hairiest part was the cab ride from the airport to this wonderful hotel. (Hotel Zaza - fabulous!!!) The cab driver was on his second day on the job, did not speak english, or read it, had no idea where the hotel was and could not work the sat nav. GPS. So while cars honked I put the hotel address into it and then read the directions out to him...which worked until the power went off because he didn't have it plugged in and the battery died as we whizzed along highway 59.

I'm afraid I was less than completely gracious as he yelled at he, 'Which way, honey!? Which way?'

finally I suggested he call a friend, since polling the audience wasn't working. He called, and seemed to get directions because I kept hearing the word Zaza. I think. I also heard other words, but those were inside my head and none of them was Zaza. Anyway, I'm here. Even gave him a tip...I suspected he'd need it.

Hotel is fabulous, room is gorgeous. I unpacked, called Michael, ordered a burger from room service and am now writing you.

Tomorrow I have an event at the Houston Public Library at noon - a reading, talk and signing. Love to see you there.

Then, tomorrow night at 6:30 I have an event at this wonderful Houston Independent mystery bookstore called Murder By the Book. It's going to be such fun! I LOVE this store and the people there - and really looking forward to meeting some Houston readers of the Gamache series.

Speak tomorrow - am enjoying this Mac.


Judy said...


Sorry for the hot, muggy weather that greeted you when you arrived, but we are expecting a Canadian coldfront tomorrow (I'm assuming you have brought that with you!!!)

I am planning on being at Murder By The Book this evening to meet you and have you sign my new arrival, The Brutal Telling!

I email you all the time and am so excited you are finally in Houston!!

Judy Tilbury

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Judy,

What a treat for me! It will be such fun to meet you finally.

And yes, it is hot and humid - but what a delight after the frost and mix of rain and snow I left. What a beautiful city you have here.

See you soon.