Monday, 19 October 2009

Quel Cochon!

mainly sunny, temps 13

Lovely day, but only got outside long enough to run across the street for the Lone Star Texas restaurant. I had a faijitas and Michael had ribs. Then scooted back.

Had a massage too.

Spent most of the day in the room, in my sweats...mostly answering email and doing interviews. But the other thing Michael has been trying to organize is creating a company. Our accountant, Frank, has ben after us for a while to incorporate, because of the novels and tax purposes. So figured it was finally time.

But the first thing we had to do was choose a name. And the corporate lawyer, Richard, would then have to search it to make sure it wasn't already taken. first I chose Village Inc. He said that was taken. Then I thought about it and decided on, Some Pig Creations.

This is a reference to Charlottes Web - the book that convinced me, at the age of 8, that I wanted to be a writer. It also happens to be a clue in The Brutal Telling. And Minotaur Books, to celebrate the launch of The Brutal Telling, found a first edition of Charlotte's Web and gave it to me. This was my wonderful editor's idea...Hope Dellon.

Can you imagine a more wonderful gift - a more thoughtful and meaningful gift? What a fabulous editor she is, and an amazing imprint, Minotaur Books.

Some Pig is what Charlotte wrote in her web in the hopes of saving Wilbur, the pig.

So for me it means my dreams of being a writer, it means The Brutal Telling, it means Hope and Minotaur. But it also means small 'h' hope. And second chances. And friendship. And community.

And i could think of no better name for a company that would represent the Gamache books.

The lawyer, however, could. Indeed, in his opinion almost any other name would be better. Michael and I could not understand his he explained it vewy, vewy slowly.

To incorporate in Quebec your company name must be translated into French...which would make it Creations Quel Cochon.

Yes, so? we said, still not understanding his objections.

Cochon? Richard tried again.

Yes...we said.

He thought for a moment then plunged on. (Richard is a delightful, almost courtly man who chooses his words carefully) 'If my 20 year old son was going to a stag party and watching those special films, they would be called "cochon" films.'

It took us a moment, then our eyes widened.

Our company, in French, would be the equivalent of, Porno Creations. Or, more precisely, Some Porn Productions.

Can you imagine? though sales of the books would certainly sky-rocket. Funny, I never realized that cochon meant porn. Must be generational. And gender.

Still, it was a close call.

So now we're in search of another name. Three Pines Inc. New Knowledge Inc. Remain Calm Inc. Ink inc.

Feeling a lot better about the Connelly thing - actually, I'm feeling neutral about it...forgotten...except I wanted you to know I was no longer concerned or hurt. A flesh wound. Healed.

thank you for your balm.

Relaxed day tomorrow too. have a book club conference call at 6:30pm but nothing else.

Hope you're well.


Marjorie said...

Dear Louise,

Knowing creative people around here can be, let me just dive in and toss out some ideas to you (knowing that others will follow):

Penny for your Thoughts Productions

A Penny Earned Enterprises

Penny Wise Productions

Pine, Pine & Pine, Inc.

Zardo's Duck Creations

Trudy's Humans, Inc.

Armand's Heart and Soul Productions

Shall I go on?

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Larry Marshall said...

Louise, I don't understand your lawyer's view. The French word for pig is "cochon." That it can also be used to reference porn seems irrelevant.

There are restaurants in Quebec called "Cochon dingue" (crazy pig) and nobody is lining up for movie showings :-) I also doubt that the pig farmers in Quebec think of themselves as porn producers.

Besides, if this is a problem, the other French word for pig is "porc", which doesn't have the alternative definition giving your lawyer fits.

Then again, "Trois Pins" does have a nice ring to it.

Cheers --- Larry

Marjorie said...

...Or, there is the anagram route (add Creations or Productions or whatever added at the end of the name accordingly:

Malicious Heel (Louise/Michael)

Sleepy Union (Louise Penny)

Step In Here (Three Pines)

A Managed Charm (Armand Gamache)

Okay I will try and stop now!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Marjorie,

No, keep it up! I love it. A Managed Charm. Quite lovely! Indeed, all of them are compelling. Thank you.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Larry,

I will change the Cauchon spelling right away - can't believe I mis-spelled it. Oh well.

And you know, that was my feeling too - but he seemed so adamant. Might try again. Thank you, Larry. See you in a few weeks in Quebec City.

Cece said...

This is fun...

Wilbur & Charlotte Inc.

Spiderweb Inc.

Word Weaving Inc.

Pennywise Inc.

lil Gluckstern said...

I like Three Pines, Inc. or Pennywise, Inc. or Penny Web Enterprises-or Penny web surprises for that matter. I am enjoying your trip, glad you are healed. After I read Linwood Barclay's book, I was annoyed, not that he won, but that your books were so different, just as Connelly's books are so different from yours.
Maybe I am at an age where grace and poetics are important. Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

How about OInk, inc. or maybe Oink Ink, inc. Just a thought...

Marjorie said...

Dear Louise,

(Possible small spoiler for those who haven't read "The Brutal Telling" yet)

Besides "Charlotte's Web", you also have "Jane Eyre" featured. So what about something taken from Jane, Rochester, Thornfield Hall, Mrs. Fairfax or even Pilot (the dog)?

Or, going back to "CW", you could use one of the chapter titles like 'Before Breakfast' or 'Wilbur's Boast' or 'The Hour of Triumph' or 'Off to the Fair'.

Both of those books are all time favorites of mine. Just another reason that I loved "Brutal" so much!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Sandra D said...

Ha! Louise, you are so funny. I'm not sure about this, but I think it might mean also (as an expression) "What a pervert"....which, if you call it that I will design your logo and stationery for free!!

I am serious about seeing you two before December. Let's get a wee plan brewing.

ps - your blog is fantastic.

Marjorie said...

Oh, Sandra, I like that as a name for Louise's company..."A Wee Plan Brewing" Productions!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Bobbie said...

What fun to read all these ideas! Makes me smile, and know how intelligent and helpful readers and writers can be~balm and good fun in one package. :-)

Louise, am so happy that you've moved on from the hurtful mean things you had to endure...once again, pure class from you, lovely once again. You inpsire me. And many others. Thank you for that. And for so much more.

I have no ideas for the name, as others do, but love reading their ideas and your responses...that is my contribution, quiet. :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Shelagh said...

Dear Louise, I am thoroughly enjoying ideas for the name for your company. I'm not creative so I really admire that in others.

I was reading the customer reviews for Deborah Crombie's "Necessary as Blood" on Amazon, and two reviewers - McGee, and Walker, each have comments attached to their reviews recommending you and your books! How cool!!

Jeanine said...

Lord Love A Duck?

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Hilarious suggestions!!! You really crack me up...thank you. Am leaning toward Oink Ink but think Three Pines Creations might be it since I think the lawyer Richard has already seached it. But, will see...

You just make me smile, and that feels good. Very good.