Sunday, 4 October 2009

Knowlton launch

mainly sunny, very mild, temps 18

Now it's WAY above seasonable. A fabulous day. Heavy dew on the grass when walking Trudy this morning.

The launch brunch was amazing. There really is no place like home - and Danny and Lucy, who run and own Brome Lake Books are just the best. They put pine cones at everyone's place - and did excerpts from the book and people's places too. The place was packed and the brunch was yummy at the lakeview Inn. When I do things like this I'm generally not hungry...concentrating on other things...but I had a nice plate of food. Skipped dessert.

Lise and Donna were there. Lise is my assistant - and has finished finding all the french words in all the books, so now I can record the pronunciation guide for the website. And Donna is Lise's assistant. For gardening.

Lots of wonderful friends there...Janet, Guy, Nicole, Peter, Jane, Louise and Jacques. On and on.

I keep thinking of things to put on the blog, and then forgetting them. Oh, well, perhaps for tomorrows. Nothing earth-shattering.

Off for a Cowansville breakfast tomorrow, then driving in to Montreal for an eye check-up. Then driving back out. Family starts arriving Thursday for Thanksgiving. Should probably think about what to feed them. Peas are thawed, anyway.

Sent the QuickReads novella off to the publisher today. Hope to hear in the next week. And expect to get some of the editors notes on book 6 tomorrow.

Light a candle.

Talk to you then...


♥Jen♥ said...

speaking of candles, Louise. Do you know if there is one that would smell similar to Gamache? Like sandlewood and rosewater? I'd like to have that smell in my house to remind me of my friend! :)

Nikki said...

LOL on the peas! and glad there will be a French word list...I just listened to the audio of Still Life to refresh my memory for the book club--and realized that I had made Gamache Italian when reading the book!! (Gamache') as in Ga-mach-AY ....sorry about that :-) Can't wait to hear more about book 6!

Jodi said...

I came here to ask something silly, but will start with saying I'm glad that Michael is recovering well. My chiropractor recommends frozen peas for bad backs (not as cold as ice, and you can eat them afterward).

A Gamache-scented candle would be lovely, though I'm a bit off candles right now. I lit one yesterday and it "exploded." Wax everywhere.

Anyway, I have Brutal Telling in my hot little hands (just waiting for the rest of Book Bunch to get it).

The thing is, my food cravings are always heavily influenced by the books I read (especially yours). I need to go shopping, so what will I want to eat??

bgpringle said...

Louise, I finished last night and hate that it'll be maybe a year before we can meet up with our friends in Three Pines again!! I'm loving your descriptions of autumn in the Townships and visualize Hatley. In Mississippi we won't see colour for another month or so!Hope the visit to the doc today goes well. Bev

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Jen,

Wouldn't that be nice? A scent like that in the home. I actually buy sandalwood soups for Michael and I love rosewater we get the mingling anyway. Very soothing.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Nikki,

Actually, that would also make him sound quite Canadian. Gamache, eh?

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Jodi,

Never a silly question - very smart to be prepared. I would always go for croissants - they're sure to be eating some every few pages. And nice autumn soups.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Bev,

Thanks you! the visit went very well and we're so pleased and relieved.

Anonymous said...

Hello Louise, I hope all is well at this present time.

My name is Sandra and I am the receptionist at the Auberge Lakeview Inn, I bought your book for the first time, honestly at the begining it was because you were a local writer and being a writer myself i wanted to support while i could a local writer.

But then i have to say I started reading the book, and now I am hooked.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being so kind I did not have a chance to say very much,(working an all)lol. But it was a Huge pleasure to have you here at the Auberge Lakeview Inn, and we hope to see you again soon.

Godbless and take care most of all may you forever be inspired to keep writing and to inspire us all.