Monday, 26 October 2009

Toad Suck Ferry

mainly sunny, crisp, beautiful late fall day temps 7

Frost on the ground...melting where the sun hit it this morning, but staying in the shadows so the grass was a patchwork of green and crystal white. Deer hooves in the frosty grass this morning by the pond. A picture perfect Quebec autumn day. Walked over to the guest cottage where Gary is putting on new siding. To get there we needed rubber boots and to walk along winding paths through the forest. It smelled so sweet. I said to Michael that I wished I could describe it, do this justice. but I realize I can't because it isn't a sensation. It isn't a sight, a fragrance. It's a feeling.

How much I love this place.

And thank you so much, all of you who sent good wishes for Michael and his John. Lifelong friends. How wonderful to have made a friend like that.

We arrived back in Sutton yesterday and immediately 'hit the ground'...mail, phone messages, letters to respond to, packages to get ready to be sent, laundry, laundry, laundry.

I'm heading to Bear Pond books in Montpelier, Vermont, for an event at 7pm tomorrow. Staying the night, then off to Norwich bookstore, in Norwich for a 7pm event Wednesday...then driving home. Arriving, I hope, about midnight. Then off to the UK Thursday. So I need to pack today. and have all the details worked out.

I think most are done. Even managed to make an appointment for tomorrow morning with the garage to put the winter tires on the Volvo!

So far so good...not a lot of wiggle-room for something to go wrong. So I will have to put that at the top of the 'To Do' list. Make sure nothing goes wrong.

huh huh.

Once again, thank you for all your thoughts. I'm REALLY glad so many of you are listening to the pronunciation guide too. yay. It was a lot of fun to do.

And fun to hear of other odd place names, like Truth or Consquences, which I believe someone said was in Arizona. And another US names - Toad Suck Ferry. Unless someone was kidding...

Will try to post from Montpelier tomorrow. Off we go again!


Marjorie said...

Perhaps then this is the time to tell you that my best friend and her husband had their honeymoon in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. Really!

--Marjorie from Connecticut

Bev Stephans said...

Truth or Consequences is in New Mexico, but I recently read that they are trying to change the name back to it's original. I don't remember the original name, but I don't think it's as silly as T or C. Also, there is a Hell, Michigan.

The place you live in sounds so lovely. I envy you. From my apartment window, I do have a view of a small wood. It's nice to watch the leaves change and the squirrels run around.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Marjorie,

Perfect! Surprised it isn't the honeymoon capitol.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Bev,

New Mexico! yes, that was it. It's almost worth moving to Hell, Michigan just to be able to say you live in Hell.

Nikki B said...

I drove by a sign in Joshua Tree park in Palm Springs that said "Fried Liver Wash" .... we never did find out if it was a town, a 'thing', or one of the elusive 'exhibit ahead' must see areas...but Joshua Tree itself was amazing :-)

Shelagh said...

There's also a Paradise in Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula. Hell, Michigan is not too far from where I live in Brighton. It's a fun (?) place this time of the year!

Robert Shapiro said...

I appreciate your wisdom and what you teach.


Jodi said...

Adding my good vibes to the chorus for your friend John.

@Marjorie: My parents drove through Intercourse, Pennsylvania on their honeymoon!

Bobbie said...

Toad Suck Ferry is in Arkansas-at the time we were there, it was a tiny community, no post office, but there were some road signs with its name on them. There are other odd names there too, as there are everywhere. Yes, I've been to Intercourse Pennsylvania, which is (no, I am not making this up) near Blue Ball (Blue Balls? can't remember if plural) in Pennsylvania. My husband and I used to travel on the back roads of the USA for fun on our vacation times. We logged over a hundred thousand miles in almost 20 years of it, and running across odd place names was part of our fun. We have many photos of town place signs, because when we'd come home people would think we were making up the names-needed some proof-that was fun too, some great photos. And meeting the townsfolk in the mom-and-pop cafes which was always our choice of where to eat, would ask at gas stations where cafe was. Then we'd have great meals and ask how the place got its name, finding out something about the area--great memories!

Louise and Michael, travel safe, I am sure it will be done well, though a very hard situation at a very busy time. May everything go well, and thank you for being the people who care so very much.


Dana said...

Life busy here at Bishops College School, baby home but not sleeping. I think his head is sore from the surgery. H1N1 has arrived in the Sherbrooke elementary schools, about a week before they will see any vaccine.

Best of luck for your trip to England. I have found that dying friends usually bring comfort to the ones they are leaving behind. Still, it is sad when the number of friends in your heart start to outnumber the number physically in your life.

All the best.

bgpringle said...

Don lost his best friend over 3 years ago - an orthopod in Barrie - to cancer. There's still a void in our lives. We're thinking of the two of you on this trip to England and will keep John and hi family and Michael and you in our prayers.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Robert,

Thank you. I have, of course, been inspired by others. How wise the Universe is.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

LOVE the names! Blue Balls...can you imagine the driving instructions? I could never put these names into a book. Too bad, really. Though I do have a town close to Three Pines called Roof Trusses - which I have yet to explain...but the back story (fictional) is that there is a huge sign at the entrance to the town advertizing Roof Trusses...a few decades ago in Quebec the official map-makers - called the Office de Topononie - traveled across the province noting towns and villages. They had some trouble in some places, and outright made up some names. Hence Roof Trusses. The Toponomie person never stopped to ask the real name, and just mistook the big advert sign as a welcome sign.

Perhaps, Nikki, the same happened in your Fried Liver Wash town. In Quebec that would, of course, be Saint Fried Liver Wash. Or Saint Intercourse.

Thank you too for your continued good wishes about john...and how beautifully you put it Dana. Crowded hearts.

Lynda said...

Just catching up with your blog posts, but if you want to see some interesting place names you must travel to Newfoundland. Joe Batt's Arm, Happy Content, Jerry's Nose, Blow-me-down, and don't forget Dildo! But most of all you would love the warm, sweet, friendly people. I hope you're enjoying the rest of your tour, we met in Houston, and I hope to see you again in Sechelt!