Thursday, 4 June 2009

Mid-week Update

brilliant sunshine, temps 20

Great day here in Ottawa...the Ellis Awards tonight at the National Arts Centre. Very exciting and a bit ennervating.

had a great week so far...on Monday Michael and I drove into Montreal in time to catch Angels and Demons at the theatre. We hardly ever get to the movies, since our closest one in the country is the Princess, in Cowansville...we love it. Hufe screen, sticky floors, old, burgundy plush seats...a time warp! But not perhaps a great selection of filsm...though as you see, our standards aren't all that high!

Loved Angels and Demons. I actually really like thrillers and action flicks. I think for me it's just like cartoons...happily the movie, while not exactly Disney, isn't as gory or disturbing as the book - according to Michael. I didn't read it.

Then drove to Toronto Tesuday morning...we leave at 5:30am to miss rush hour...arrived around noon in TO. Stay at the SoHo Met. LOVE it. Napped, then dressed and headed to the Central Reference Library for the big event - with Wendy.

She was brilliant! Very fun and funny and smart, of course. And gorgeous. She read the prologue and first section of The Murder Stone/A Rule Against Murder. I found myself in tears. My childhood friend, a star, reading from my book - in public. And doing it so beautifully.

It was also, I realized with a jolt, the first time i"d heard someone else read my words. The books are available in audio and apparently the men who narrate them are fabulous - the US one was nominated for an Audie last year. But I can't bring myself to listen. It was a shock, to hear Wendy read it. But a lovely, and terribly moving, one.

Then we snuck out and headed for dinner...her time is so short and precious I'm afraid I was quite selfish. We had a blast.

Then next morning we had breakfast with David Kelley - the wonderful GM of the SoHo Met, and a friend. Terrific man. Then it was off to Ottawa and a 4:40 interview wtih Adrian Harewood on CBC Radio - live in studio.

Smart man - and very personable. I enjoyed it. And always fun to meet CBC people. Them Michael and I wandered Ottawa a bit and found a fun Japanese restaurant. We don't get a lot of japanese in Sutton - so it's a real treat.

And now - it's Thursday. Meeting Vicky Harris and her husband Howard for lunch at noon at the National Arts Centre...then back there tonight for the awards gala. All within an easy walk of the Marriott, where we're staying and the mystery conference, Bloody Words is this weekend.

We really want to see the National War Museum while we're here. We understand it's stunning.

Take care...will report in.


Elizabeth said...

I hope you are able to enjoy it here in Ottawa. Sadly, while we were away in the U.S., the downtown of the city deteriorated as a place to have a pleasant pedestrian experience. Shops empty, drug addicts, etc. Much blame must fall on the NCC, which seems to have lost its way. Fortunately, the Rockcliffe, New Edinburgh, Lindenlea area remains lovely--a real urban village with a strong connection to nature, especially around MacKay Lake. We go swimming in The Pond every day in the summer. Like being at a cottage.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

We've had a lovely day - decided after lunch with our friends to go on the canal boat - took us I believe to Mackay lake. Very beautiful ride...can only imagine how stunning it is to skate the frozen canal! Michael leaned over and said, next winter, we bring our skates and do it. I happily and readily agreed.

Elizabeth said...

Sorry, but I think you went to Dow's Lake. MacKay lake is in the former Village of Rockcliffe to the north beyond 24 Sussex and it's surrounded by a conservation area. You can pretend (without difficulty) that you're in cottage country. Totally different.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Oh, thanks for the clarification and it sounds as though Mackay is gorgeous - worth a visit.