Thursday, 25 June 2009

Home Today

Mainly sunny, temps 80

Going to be a gorgeous day in NYC...but we`re heading home. We were initially going to stay until Friday, but decided to return early - missing home...missing the roses and peony. Missing Trudy. And it was such a perfect respite in New York. And now it`s time to go home.

Had a lovely message from Dolores Gordon Smith...who tried to leave it on the `comment`section of the blog but was stymied. So she sent this message privately, and I decided to put it ùp`.

Thanks for the nice things you said about “As If By Magic” Louise. It’s a bit of a new move for my beloved Jack Haldean – he’s investigating some very dark doings round the Thames in the early 1920’s, but there’s some fun stuff on the way.
It’s been great to follow your NY trip. The Frick Collection sounds great – I did a “virtual” internet trip following your comments. When you think of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More, the lies, the power-struggles, the cheating and the bravery, all for the favour of a King, it’s stunning to think of the two portraits looking silently at each other across a room.

Dolores really is a superb writer.

One of the very nice things about returning home early is that we now have a day completely to ourselves at home...except I`ve ended up scheduling a conversation with a CBC producer tomorrow at 10am - The network has chosen The Murder Stone (A Rule Against Murder) as the CBC Reads book for August, which is huge for the book since it means tens of thousands of readers across the country and some really thoughtful discussion. So we need to co-ordinate some things with Ann, from the CBC. Fortunately we were planning on spending the month at home, so we needn`t juggle the schedule too much.

Take care - be well...and will talk tomorrow.

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