Saturday, 27 June 2009


overcast, warm, scattered showers, temps 23

A mixed day. yesterday we had very dramatic rain in the afternoon and evening, including hail and huge winds. Had the tub filled with water, and the power did go out, but momentarily.

Michael's cold is better...I bbq'd hamburgers in the pouring rain...a comfort food for him. I'm sure that helped. That and all the drugs I stuffed into the patty. Sprinkled it with NeoCitran. Yum.

Spent much of the evening watching coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. Breaks the heart. Mostly what is so painful is seeing that transformation, from vibrant, stunning, energetic young man to what he became. What a price. Still, others have huge fame and somehow manage to deal with it. Some are better equipped - emotionally, tempermentally, physically, and familially (is that a word?)?

Am doing a feature on Alan Bradley for the wonderful publication, Mystery News. Sent him some questions, got his response and am now fashioning the article. Need to remember, too, to send a photo and book cover to the Barry Awards people. They asked about 10 days ago, and I still haven't done it.

Tomorrow Michael and I are off to Manoir Hovey, to celebrate and relax for a few days. Heaven. Am off to the village to pick up a few things (including more stuff to unstuff Michael). Then have a quiet day. Oh, it feels good. Feels odd, actually. Takes me a while to not feel guilty, like I should be doing something constructive.

Have a great weekend!


Jo B. said...

Hope Michael's cold is better. Have you ever heard of putting Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottom of your feet to stop a cough? It really does work! Also, a wee dab under my husband's nose at night keeps him from snoring! Just so you know! JB

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Jo,

Really? I didn't know. Probably better than drugging him up. Will suggest it. Thank you! He's feeling much better, which is a relief.