Wednesday, 24 June 2009

As If By Magic!

mixed sun and cloud, warm, temps 80

New York City...

Another terrific day. Had breakfast with Linda Ellerbee - the magnificent journalist and writer. She`d gotten in touch after reading the series and we started corresponding and chatting a couple times on the phone...but this was the first time we actually met. She suggested a place not far from her home...AOC cafe on Bleeker Street. Michael and I got there a couple minutes early since we weren`t sure how long the taxi would take. Less time than expected. One thing that strikes a newcomer to NYC is that for the most part the streets are a sea of yellow...only taxis seem to drive in the city. And there are tons of them!

When Linda arrived we all went to the back of the place, and loe and behold, a terrific little courtyard terrace. Michael was relegated to another table (lovely man is happy to sit on his own and let me meet with various people...then he picks up the tab...such a sweet and generous man). linda and I gabbed away like old friends, then she showed us her stunning brownstone in Greenwich village and her production company, Lucky Duck Productions. Then we said goodbye and made our way up to the Gramercy Park area. Our friend Susan had just written to say we HAD to stop by Union Square since it was Wednesday and there`s a wonderful street fair. We actually were geographically confused and thought Union Square was south and we were heading north...but no, there ahead was the square and the fair...and Susan (not for the first time) was right! What a fabulous scene. We hung around, wishing we could buy some of the produce. Michael drooled over the radishes, which he loves...the size of a baseball. Then off to lunch with Andy Martin, the publisher of Minotaur Books and Matthew Shear, the publisher of St. Martin`s paperbacks division. It was at the Gramcery Tavern. Dear God, it was a terrific meal. And a wonderful setting. We talked about all sorts of things, occassionally touching on my books and the next one to be published, The Brutal Telling - but mostly just enjoying ourselves. Michael got to sit with us this time!!! And I`m very grateful to Andy and Matthew for including him, and recognizing that the equation is clear and simple, `No Michael, no books.``

Then back to the hotel for a relax. heading home via Jet Blue tomorrow.

But also wanted to tell you some exciting news about a great writer and friend - Dolores Gordon Smith - a UK writer of historical mysteries. her latest book is called AS IF BY MAGIC and has just been published in the UK. If you haven`t tried her books yet you really must...and I think this is the best one yet! I wanted you to know that.

Hope you`ve enjoyed the visit to New York City...I think next time we`ll stay at the W - but the one on Union Square...great location. And we`d get to know a different part of the city.

Might not blog tomorrow - traveling. Once we get into Burlington we still have an hour and a half drive home...

We`ve had such fun here!


Brenda B. said...

Hello Louise,

Ah, breakfast with Linda Ellerbee, one of my all-time heroines. I have so much admiration for her pioneering work in the news biz. Hanging out with her must have been a blast.

Thank you for sharing the experience, and for blogging so consistently about your adventures this week.

I'm wish you and Michael a good trip home.



Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Brenda,

It was a blast. When we arrived at the cafe the back garden wasn't open yet, but she made them open it...and I realized here was a woman who, very nicely, didn't take no. Impressive. And just listening to her was fabulous.

Linda Ellerbee said...

And no one enjoyed that breakfast more than Linda Ellerbee, who thinks (knows) that Louise Penny is one helluva writer, and has explained to Lousie that she wants to go live in Three Pines.

Linda Ellerbee