Saturday, 6 June 2009

Bloody Words

sunny, mild, lovely, temps 20

Anotehr gorgeous day...happily we had a chance to go out into it for lunch. Met a group of Quebec and East Coast Canadian crime writers for lunch along Sparks Street, at a pub called the Cock and has an outdoor terrace. Beautiful to sit out there, chat, visit, have a burger.

Bit of a busy day. Like most of these writers and readers conventions, most of the 'stuff' actually happens in the hallways. Meeting a lot of old friends, but the most fun is meeting readers and getting a chance, albeit brief, to talk.

The event last night, in which I was interviewed in front of a live audience by Jerri Southcott - a radio and TV host in Ottawa - was fabulous. Not because I was so great but Jerri had done her home-work (interviewing is by far the harder of the jobs) and made it feel more like a thoughtful conversation. And the room was full, which is always wonderful and a bit of a surprise. By 9pm Michael and I were tucked up in bed and had ordered room service.

At 4am there was a commotion in the hallway. The hotel was host to a grad night prom. And the entire prom seems to have decided the 10th floor was the place to be. Not great for sleeping, but I remember doing similar things in my youth, so this seemed like delayed karma. We went back to sleep.

Today, after lunch, I did a half hour Mystery Cafe...which means sitting in a room and reading and talking for half an hour. Standing room only - which felt very good. And terrific questions. Vicki Delaney - a marvelous Canadian crime writer who sets her books in British Columbia - introduced me.

Am back in the room for a shower, then a panel between 5 and 6 - then the gala dinner in which i must speak starts at 7. need to practice, or at least read over, my speech. Blech. I love being interviewed - hate giving speeches.

Still, I need to remind myself I'm among friends, and really, as long as I don't throw up or wet myself, how bad can it be?

Must run - 15 minutes to the panel and I'm still in my bathrobe. this is how bad it can be!!

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