Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Mainly sunny, lovely day, temps 75

New York City. Beautiful day, in every way. Weather is certainly co-operating. It was just right today...not humid or sticky, fresh feeling. Rain has held off, though we were `misted` on last night walking to dinner...at least, we`re hoping that was rain.

Had a terrific dinner last night at DB Bistro Moderne in mid-town Manhatten...chosen by Hope and her husband Charlie because it`s a bistro, like in Three Pines, and the chef is named Olivier. We had a terrific time...first time meeting Charlie and he`s wonderful. Warm, funny, smart (doctor qualified in every field it seems except pediatrics - so Michael pitched in there). I had the green pea soup, cold, and scallops. Absolutely perfect. Michael and Charlie both had smoked salmon as a starter, then Michael had lamb tagine. Charlie had veal and I think hope had lamb chops. Then we settled on decaff cappuccinos. And yakked and laughed all evening.

Rain had cleared by the time we walked home to the hotel...felt totally safe walking through mid-town at 11pm. Perhaps we were delusional, but no one else seemed concerned.

Oh, Hope brought the Advance Readers copy of THE BRUTAL TELLING. I have to say, it looks spectacular. A fireplace, which on first glance might seem inviting, but the stones are heavy and almost cave-like. I think it`s brilliant. We`re all very excited about this book. Out in october.

Got up at 6am today and went over to the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza. Arrived about 7am and took our places, by then we were way far away from any possible action, but it was really fun to watch. Then we had breakfast at Rock Center Cafe, below the `mall`area. Was going to go to the Popover place, but it was quite far away. Settled on a lovely window seat at the cafe. French Presse coffee, crepes, bacon...relax.

then walked the 20 blocks up Fifth Avenue to the Frick collection...an amazing museum across from Central Park in the former residence of the Frick`s. My god, the collection was stunning. All these paintings I`d seem all my life and was suddenly, unexpectedly, faced with the original. Especially the one of Thomas More, across the fireplace from Cromwell, his mortal enemy, both by Hans Holbein.

constables, Turners, Whistlers, Rembrandts, Degas, Vermeer. ``Ùnbelievable`` Michael kept saying, and he was right. and so peaceful.

then we went across the street, deep into Central Park, and had a picnic. I`d brought along a couple sandwiches and a coke.

Then to Brooks Brothers on Madison Avenue to get Michael a few shirts and a hat. And now we`re back home, having napped, and ready for dinner at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station.

Such fun. How fortunate we are. Speak to you tomorrow!

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