Sunday, 7 June 2009


mainly sunny, temps 20

It's early Sunday morning. We're packing the suitcases - somehow we've accumulated a huge amount of stuff. Happily much of it is candy! Not at all sure why, but very kind people are giving me gummy bears. Life blood. As well, the organizors of Bloody words had a couple of wonderful candy packages sent up from Laura Secord.


As anyone who has been to these conventions for mystery readers and writers knows, they're fuelled on candy.

Last night was terrific - loads of fun. Normally I write a speech and memorize it, but this time I decided, what the hell, I'll do my best but basically I'll just read it. Much less stressful and makes the weekend and the dinner a lot more fun. So that's what I did.

Barbara Fradkin - the local guest of honour - gave a wonderful speech...then dinner...then I spoke and finally Denise Mina, the international guest of honour. Her books are quite noir, but she herself is not only charming, but very, very funny.

And, of course, the amazing mary Jane Maffini was delightful as Master of Ceremonies. She - earlier in the day - had the best line. she likened writing a first draft of a novel to having a daily colonoscopy. I howled with laughter and still laugh when I think of it. Perfect description!

Michael was a big hit - not only charming and handsome, but everyone loved his bowtie. Such fun to be on his arm.

Well, we're packed. heading back to Montreal. Gary is coming to the Montreal apartment tomorrow afternoon to take down the curtains and lighting - and put them up in the new place. Bob and Janet arrive at the guest cottage - must remember to ask Pat to unlock the door!

Thanks for accompanying Michael and me to Bloody Words in Ottawa. Hope you had fun.


Susan D said...

Nice to meet you at last, Louise, though briefly.

It was a good weekend, wasn't it.

Liz said...

Hi Louise..

It was a wonderful weekend and I am so glad to have finally met you. Pam and I had such a great time and enjoyed it all immensely! Your interview with Jerri Southcott was indeed fabulous.

Nice to be back home..the unpacking can wait until the morning!

Oh..and the grad night prom commotion managed to migrate to the 16th floor as well!


hilary said...

Your speech was fine and funny -- and seemed quite natural and not read. Yourself -- even more attractive than your best photos -- that vibrancy can't be captured in one dimension.

I've never been to a conference where I laughed so much or so hard. Must be good for the health.
Loved Denise Mina -- what a smart, funny woman.

Prom night made it up to the 23rd floor as well.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Hilary, Bloody Words was a riot. Diane and I agreed as we drove home yesterday through Ontario and Quebec that we've never had so much fun at a conference. Unlike lawyers, writers (especially mystery writers) know how to have a good time.

It was wonderful to meet you and Michael (such a lovely man!) and to hear you read and talk about your writing. And your Saturday night speech was terrific.

Thank you for your encouraging words about my work. It meant a great deal to me.

Wishing you a wonderful, rejuvenating summer.

Brenda B. from Maine