Friday, 26 June 2009


Mainly sunny, rumbles of thunder, humid and hot temps 30


Arrived back by 4pm yesterday. Took JetBlue out of NYC - what a fabulous experience. Will immediately sign up for their frequent flier programme. We had the 2 hour drive home, easy and lovely drive through the Vermont countryside. Stopped to pick up steaks and fruit and vegetables, got Trudy, and arrived home. Spent the rest of the afternoon - which was sunny and hot - sitting by the pool, reading, drinking pink lemonade, looking at the gardens bursting with blooms. So beautiful and fragrant.


As was NYC, but in a whole other way. How lucky to have both experiences in our lives...and in a single day.

After a BBQ by the pool we went to bed, turned on the TV and saw the horrible news about Michael Jackson. Love his music - especially Thriller...but it felt as though 'Michael Jackson' left decades ago, to be replaced by a very unhappy man. And perhaps worse. So sad.

And also sad for Farrah Fawcett...I think we all knew she was dying, and perhaps this was a blessed release...but can't help feeling badly that her passing is so overshadowed by Michael Jackson's death. Still, both are beyond caring now.

Michael awoke to a cold...he was getting it last night, and sure enough, it arrived. Am trying to look after him, but like most men he both wants to make it clear he's ill (perhaps even dying) but doesn't want any special attention. Will go down and wave lunch in front of him...and some more pink lemonade.

Lise came today and the garden is looking practically giggles as she prunes and trims and weeds. One of the first things I did yesterday was go into the cutting garden and fill vases with peony and salvia.

Alarm guy showed up to put in a carbon monoxide detector in the basement.

Expecting FedEx to pick up some pages for the editors.

Did a call with CBC Radio for the CanadaReads books club - they're doing The Murder Stone(A Rule Against Murder), online, in August...and anyone can take part. I'll let you know more as it gets closer.

Take care and will speak to you tomorrow.


lil Gluckstern said...

Welcome home; I am enjoying your garden-thank you for that. I agree completely about Farrah and Michael J. Farrah fought a good fight, and it seems that she didn't cling to her glamor image, but truly enjoyed pushing the edge in her acting. Michael Jackson gave so much pleasure, and later he became such a troubled man. His notions about children were informed by his own experience, but his behavior was very inappropriate, to say the least. So sad for both of them.
As far as your Michael is concerned, I hopes he recovers really soon, in spite of enjoying your coddling which he doesn't want, right? Will check out "Magic". You haven't been wrong yet (at least about books) to my knowledge.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Lil,

Love the qualifier - about being wrong! Michael would certainly agree. And yes, do check out Dolores' book. She's a marvelous writer.
Intersting to hear your take on MJ - especially given your training and profession.

Michael's feeling much better today. Hope you're well!

Kaye Barley said...

It's true, isn't it - there's no place like home.

Welcome home - enjoy!!

Louise Penny Author said...

DEar Kaye,

You are right! And thank you, my friend, for the lovely birthday wishes!