Thursday, 11 June 2009

ruffled feathers

partly sunny, nice day, temps 20

really, a very nice day, especially in comparisson to the last few. Wayne arrived bright and early to cut the grass. He's such a nice to see him bouncing along on the trwctor with his cowboy hat...when he goes behind trees and bushes and we get glimpes of him we can almost imagine him on a horse.

Geese come and go. Wayne report that this morning while cutting out by the pond the parents and goslings were on the slope...they ran for the pond when they spotted Wayne, but the little ones got their big goose feet all tangled up and they someraulted into the pond. No one hurt...a few feathers ruffled.

Wayne called his wife Shirley to come and take a picture of them for the local fair. So she was out there for about half an hour.

signed the last of the books - need to call ups. Then did exercise and put a load of laundry in.

A few other things - small and fun - to do today. Michael is plugging along on the page proofs of The Brutal Telling. I have to say, I adore this book. Hope you do too.

Talk tomorrow!


Bobbie said...

Oh Louise, you adore this book??!! Wheeeee! I bet you a kazillion dollars (in play money obviously), that I will too!! And that's not play or kidding at all...if you are that happy with it, I am sure it's a good one. Thank you for writing these wonderful books for us. I am excited!!!!

The goslings here, are obviously ahead of yours, being further south than you, but isn't it fun to watch them learn, and to watch the geese teach them. I won't go into their...uh...greenish...don't walk where these geese are! Or have been! ;-)

Again, thanks for being you and for writing for us.


Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Bobbie,

Quite right about the little (or not so little) green gifts - which Trudy loves like gummi bears. Thankfully, goose droppings don't seem to smell. No small blessing.