Friday, 1 February 2008

Once upon a time...

cloudy, mild, high minus 2 - storm warning! 20 cms of snow & freezing rain

LOVE storms, glad I'm not on the highway, though.

Over dinner last night (Italian restaurant closed, so we ended up at the Internationale eating pear and turnip soup followed by wild boar and blueberry sausages.) Cotton explained she suggested the French subtitled Chinese film because it's called STILL LIFE. Fun! I'd even read a rave review of it.

However - wish I could sound very sophisticated and say I loved it, darling. But I didn't. Long silences. French subtitles came and went in a flash, so I caught very little. Chairs were concrete and the big haired woman in front kept moving her head to block out my view. I eventually shut my eyes and listened to the music. At the end we agreed there might just be a cultural divide between Shanghi and Sutton. I suspect the film was brilliant I was dull, but I often suspect that.

Starting the next book this morning. Laptop up and ready by the fire. Fire laid and ready for match. Coffee pot on. Storm approaching. Three Pines awaits. I even know my first line. A line I've waited 40 years to use.

Il etait une fois.

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