Monday, 25 February 2008

snow storms and schedules

partly cloudy, mild, highs minus 4

I was wrong about the weather yesterday. When I let the dogs out I thought it was bitterly cold (and God knows it was clear - almost a sure sign it's extremely cold). But it wasn't cold at all! It was one of those amazing days when it's sunny and very mild. Temperature must have been hovering around freezing. Gorgeous.

Today is similar, though not quite as bright. And a little windy, so the windchill comes into effect.

Another storm forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday - and of course we have lots to do on those days. We're trying to figure out our schedule.

So far this is the plan;

Drive to Hovey Manor at 8 tomorrow for breakfast and to discuss the possible launch of the next book there. It's a stunning Inn on the shores of Lac Massawippi, about an hour from us.

Drive 1 1/2 to Cowansville for Michael's test for new glasses.

Try to get to Montreal (about another hour drive) before the snow storm closes in.

Stay night in Montreal. Write Wednesday morning in Montreal. Then Michael has a hearing test Wednesday afternoon. Will probably stay the night Wed. too. Drive back Thursday.

I'm also feeling a little overwhelmed by the degree of details descending. Thank God for Lise. But with all the mystery conventions I'll be going to in the next year I'm having difficulty remembering which one's I've registered for. And if I can't also register for hotel rooms at the time I register for the convention, then I can forget that too.

So far we'll be going to:

*Malice Domestic in Washington (flying direct from London for that) at the end of April
*CrimeFest - in Briston, UK, in June
*BookExpo Canada in June (flying direct from UK to Toronto for that)
*Wolfe Island Festival - in August in Kingston, Ontario
*Bouchercon, in Baltimore, in October
***Magna cum Murder in Muncie in October - I'm the guest of honor with delights me
*Left Coast Crime, in Hawaii, in March 09

I'm normally quite organized, and Lise is ulta-organized - but woke up at 3am wondering about Bouchercon. Sure don't want to miss that.

And, have to say how thrilled I am to be asked to be Guest of Honor at Magna. It's a fantastic, intimate, smart festival run by Katherine Kennison out of the Univeristy in Muncie. It's three days (really 2) and you get to meet and mingle with some wonderful mystery writers. It would be fun to see you there.

On another topic, we received the Russian copies of STILL LIFE late last week. What a thrill. Though a little odd since my name doesn't appear to be on the cover. It is, of course, only in Cyrillic - so I can't read it. So it could be by anyone. But I know whose book it is. And it sends shivers down me to see my first baby translated into Russian. This book no one wanted.

Life astonishes - if we just keep breathing, and trying our best.

Thanks for reading - not sure if I'll be able to write for the next few days, as we battle schedules and snow, but will try. Be well.

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