Monday, 4 February 2008

Super Game

mild, clear, highs minus 2

We're in Montreal. Apartment not producing odd smells, but then neither is it producing hot water. Always something. Oh, well. We have cold pizza in the pridge and all is right with the world.

Watched the Super Bowl last night. Very exciting. Turns out I was rooting for the Giants. (I'm not just saying that because they won). I realized I was when the game began and I was thrilled when they got a field goal in their first possession. I really like football. My favorite sports, except, perhaps soccer.

Michael rooted for the Patriots...and I did feel horrible for them, especially those terribley long faces on the bench when NY scored with 29 second left. Oh oh.

Must run - doctors appointments start at 8 and it's 7:45.

Writing went well yesterday. Another 2,000 words. I know mI'm really in to the book when I stop obssessing about the word count. Like a dieter counting calories.

Did someone say diet?

Off we go. Take care


donna said...

Hi Louise - Just called the New Cannan Library to be sure anyone can go to your appearance on March 10. Am all signed up and looking forward to it. Also found out they have a wonderful program of authors which appear there. What a fantastic Superbowl-especially since I am a die-hard Giants fan! Can't wait to go out and buy all kinds of junk commemorating the win. Glad to hear the words are flowing!
Stay warm,

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Donna,

Yay, it will be wonderful to meet you - so glad you're coming to New Canaan!

See you there.