Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Flat Bottom Society

sunny, cold, highs minus 9

Had a wonderful mini-storm yesterday, then it all blew over and left us with a brilliant day - sun bouncing and magnifying off the perfect snow and pouring into the windows. We're in the living room, Michael at his computer and me reading over notes for the next book - fire lit (not for the notes - yet) and tea on the mind. Lovely.

We're off tonight to see our friend Cotton. She's in her late 70's and quite spectacular. She called the other day to say her two huge grandchildren (one of whom is known as 911 because as a child he always threatened to call it whenever he didn't get his way) were leaving today (Thursday) and she felt the need for all grown up company. Did we want to meet her for dinner at the Italian restaurant in Sutton.

We said yes, wonderful.

Then she called back to say would we like to see a movie in Sutton? Now, Sutton doesn't actually have a movie theatre, so we were wondering if Cotton has begun (perhaps thanks to some magic element brought into the house by the grandsons) not only hearing voices in her head, but seeing pictures too.

No, she explained - it's at the Salle Alec Pelletier, an intimate space on Rue Maple where community groups put on productions, and in fact, The Cruellest Month had it's local launch. Every now and then they show a film.

We said, great.

Then she called back and asked if she'd remembered to tell us it was a Chinese film.

No, but that's OK, we said. Our enthusiasm still strong. Don't know why, but I quite like Chinese films. Even Jackie Chan. But mostly Raise the Red Lantern etc.

It has subtitles, Cotton said - which we all agreed was helpful.

In French, she muttered, and hung up.

French? Now, our French is good - but to have to read it, quickly, for two hours?

Then she called again. Don't forget to bring pillows, since the seats are extremely uncomfortable.

We're expecting another call any moment reminding us to bring hammers to hit ourselves with.

I promise, if I blog tomorrow, I won't tell you all about it. Good thing we love Cotton. Is this what's meant by 'unconditional?'

Talk to you tomorrow - flat bum and all.