Thursday, 28 February 2008

To do list: #1 - Kiss up to Janet Evanovich

Brilliant sun, calm, cold, temps minus 16

Today really is cold - but since it's so calm it's actually very nice. In fact, it's more than nice - it's spectacular. Sun gleaming off snow - everything crystal and sparkling, the snow looks pink and blue depending upon the angle.

We've just returned home after a day at Hovey and two in Montreal. The city got quite a bit of snow, but nothing compared to here. There must be a foot of fresh snow. It's hard to write about it without slipping into 'purple prose'. Suffice to say, we feel like weeping, it's so beautiful.

Great to be home. Ran around doing small chores. Dry cleaning, appointment for Maggie at the vet, recycling. We have a composter out back - sometimes needs to be dug out before we can dump the scraps in. Amazing the difference composing and recycling has made to our garbage. And, of course, we don't use grocery store plastic bags anymore - except when I forget to take the canvas bags into the shop - which is about half the time.

Last minute organizing of media and events for the book tour. The big drama is trying to get to the Arizona television morning show studios in time, since I'll be flying in from Detroit that morning. Time difference on our side, but airline schedules aren't. Best we can do so far is 6am flight out of detroit to Phoenix. that gets me in at 8 or so. Rush hour. Sadly, I don't yet rate the St Martin's Minotaur private jet (I think Janet Evanovich is using it) or the chopper (probably Janet again). But one day!

Must run - there's a whole lot of lying around and doing nothing to be done.

Be well and I'll speak tomorrow - and if you haven't yet, you might want to sign up fast to the Newsletter (it's free). I have a couple of give-aways for the launch of THE CRUELEST MONTH in the March issue.

Take care of yourselves.


donna said...

Hi Lousie, Looking forward to seeing you March 10 in New Canaan. Hope the weather is good as we are not as hardy as you and people don't come out and drive if it is snowing! So happy to hear of your success in being nominated for the Agatha Award. I'm the type of person who cries listening to the actors give their speaches when they win an Academy. I'll be pulling for you to win. Regards, Donna

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear donna,

Thank you so much - I also tear up seeing really happy people.

Thanks for your support.