Sunday, 24 February 2008

Lovely, quiet day in Three Pines

Sunny, very cold, temp minus 15

Another very cold day. Shouldn't come as a surprise, this is Quebec in February after all. Hard to get out of bed some mornings, feeling snug and warm under the duvet. Haven't set the alarm the last two mornings since we had quiet days. Writing days. Bliss. Woke up at 7am anyway.

Michael's now managed to gain a pound. Since I don't weigh myself I have no idea how I'm doing, but have decided that his pound gain is his and his alone. I also know, from other periods of watching weight that this happens. He'll be down 2 pounds by Wednesday.

Lovely, quiet day today. Mike and Dom dropping by around noon to say goodbye, but that's all. I plan to stay in my pajama's all day, and write by the fire. Then have a long bath as my treat. I find when I write I need to be extra kind to myself. Normally that's with food - a pastry, some chocolate, what have you. But nowadays it's baths.

Am looking forward to the US tour in a couple of weeks. St Martin's Minotaur, my publishers, have added a lunch in New York City with the book buyers for Barnes and Noble. That should be fun.

How lovely, for now, to have a peaceful day at home writing the next book. Visiting with Clara and Peter, sleeping at the B&B, cafe au lait at the bistro, and following Armand as he unravels a troubling and perplexing murder. Sure hope he knows what he's doing.

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Just finished A FATAL GRACE, and loved it. Are you doing any booksignings in NY area? Thanks, Joel-in-NYC

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Joel,

So glad you enjoyed it. I'll be in NY for my tour but the only actual event and signing will be in New Canaan, CT at the library there on Monday at noon. If you can make it that would be terrific. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll be back in NYC for another tour. Where did you buy it? I think I'll be signing stock at a couple of bookstores in NYC - not an actual event, just visiting the stores to sign. Mostly mystery bookstores.

thank you for writing, and please, if you feel like it, spread the word.


Anonymous said...

Hi, and thanks. I bought A FATAL GRACE at a local mystery bookstore called PARTNERS & CRIME on Greenwich Ave. It's a 5 minute walk from my office, and the top-notch staff at that store were the ones that sold me your first book. Can't wait to buy your new one! If you are signing stock at P&C, and know which date, please post as I'm sure your NY fans would love to come out and support you. Thanks, Joel

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Joel,

I'll find out. Thanks for the enthusiasm. I did an event last year at P&C - they are great. And what a wonderful store.

I envy you the location too, lucky so-and-so.