Thursday, 14 February 2008

A kiss and a hug

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Happy Valentine's Day! And a warm, deep hug.

While I agree with St Paul's letter to the Corinthians (wonderful excerpt - like most people we had it read at our wedding) that love is paramount, I'm not so sure about St Valentine's Day. I'm not at all cynical - in fact I don't have much patience for cynics. So it's not about the commercialism on this day - it's just that Valentine's Day doesn't mean that much to me or to Michael. I think, at the risk of being just too soppy, it's because he shows me his love every hour of every day - and I hope I show him how much I love him. We give each other cards all the time, just saying 'Thank you', or 'Well done', or 'I love you'. So it seems sort of redundant to do it on Valentine's day.

having said that, if we weren't on a diet I'd buy him a huge heart filled with soft centred chocolates, then eat half.

I suppose, to be honest, my celebration of this day is situational.

We're doing the NutriSystem plan. Michael just got on the scales and has already lost 3 pounds in less than a week! I don't use scales - I use my clothes. Fat clothing, regular and slim. I'm wearing sweats at the moments.

Writing went well yesterday. This is the first time I've tried to write a book and be on a diet. Normally, as many of you know, my books are fueled by food. in fact, I received quite a few emails from readers begging me to stop the descriptions since they're gaining weights just reading about dinners at Clara's and peter's and the Bistro.

Well, I;m sorry to report that dieting has only increased the luscious meals in the book! On ever page it seems they're eating something else mouth-watering.

Actually, it's been suggested that at some stage I might want to put out a Three Pines Cook Book, with recipes from the Bistro. What do you think?

We'll be celebrating St Valentine's Day tongith with NutriSystem's finest. The best way I can think to do it...lose weight, live longer, love longer. Perfect.


London Kate said...

Hi Louise

Re cook book

Splendid idea. Needn't be confined to the Bistro, either - you could have home-cooking from Clara and Peter too. Although can't imagine Ruth would agree to contribute a recipe!

Love and a Valentine hug to you
Kate x

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Kate,

You're right. Thank you. And Myrna cooks up a few things too. Quite right. We'll leave the cocktail section to Ruth. A vat of scotch.

Happy Valentine's Day, Kate.


Dee said...

Good morning Louise
I,too, have enjoyed all the references to food in your books, and look forward to the Three Pines Cookbook. Have also been left with my mouth watering when you mention the meals and baked goods from your own village. Perhaps you could get a recipe or two from the bakery or cafes there.

Elizabeth said...

It's true that your book puts me in the mood to cook. Today, it's vegetarian baked beans bubbling gently in my slow cooker, with apple muffins on the side. My 19-year old son will be home tomorrow for reading week and he expects a good spread after weeks and weeks of residence food. Following up on what you wrote yesterday,yes, menopause is a bitch. After 49 years of being petite and slim, my body has decided to add a spare tire around the middle. I am following good old Weight Watchers and it's working, but control doesn't come easily for one who loves to cook. As an aside,your books also mention "toques" and "mitts", words I didn't hear for all those 16 years living in Washington,DC. While my food is cooking today, I am in fact working on a toque for my husband (who is forever losing his). How about a cookbook/ knitting book (with traditional and elegantly modern patterns), complete with gorgeous photos of the Quebec countryside? Knitting's hot right now (pun intentional).

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Dee,

you know, that bakery thing is a great idea. A new one has just opoened, like we need a new one - specializing in croissants. We could include a croissant recipe. And other traditional French/Quebecois cookings. Yum.

And Dear Elizabeth,

I have a friend, Janet, who has done brilliantly on Weight Watchers. In fact, another friend Debbie who is pear shapped like me is half her size thanks to WW. she's the poster Child for losing weight sensibly. I wanted to stop the tide and turn it around before I had to lose too much and got discouraged. But, you know, I realize I've always felt fat. I was talking to a friend Susan about this (over a scrumptious meal in Old Quebec City!) We both agree. We look at photos of ourselves when we clearly were slim, and remember feeling fat then.

Oh dear. Still, I'd be happy to get into my 'regular' clothes again. Think perhaps the skinny ones are headed for the thrift shop. Or perhaps Michael can wear them if he continues this way. Of course, men sneeze and lose 3 pounds. Most frustrating.

Lucky young man, your son. I bet he can hardly wait for the home-cooking.

Be well to both of you, Happy Valentine's Day!


Kay said...

I loved your comment about Michael and how you both show love to each other every day. Like you, my husband and I are not so much about Valentines Day or even our anniversary. We try to be like that all the time celebrating our time together. Empty-nester-hood is great!!!

On another topic, a Three Pines cookbook sounds divine. Sign me up for that!

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kay,

Aren't we lucky to marry men we want to spend time with?

And about the Three Pines cookbook - we'll need testers of course. I'll sign you all up!

Happy Valentine's Day -