Friday, 22 February 2008

Dusty finds a home, at last

clouding over, light snow expected, getting warmer, highs minus 5

Dear God it was cold yesterday, but gorgeous.

Had a wonderful dinner with Kirk and Walter. Stayed on our diets as much as possible - no fries, no dessert, smallest, leanest steak on the menu. I expect to fit into a size 2 after sacrifices like that!

Kirk was telling us about the dog his mother and father just adopted. Michael and I had been contacted by a friend who wanted to know if we'd take this quiet 3 year old Golden named Dusty. His parents were elderly and going into a home. We hemmed and hawed and realized 2 is good for us, unless it's an emergency. So I wrote her back to say if the dog was in distress, or death row, we'd certainly take him, but otherwise we'd see if any of our friends would.

We talked to lots of people and sent his adorable picture around. People came close, but no cigar. Then I was chatting with Kirk. He and Walter had just lost one of their 2 black labs. I was hesitant, it being so early, but I asked if they'd be interested. He thought about it and said it was too soon - but his parents might take Dusty. they'd lost their golden a couple of years ago and were missing a dog dreadfully.

Calls were made, and two night ago Dusty entered the home of Kirk's parents, who fell in love with him immediately. Kirk was there, just to make sure all was well - and what did Dusty do as soon as he entered? He started to scratch. Then Kirk looked closer and saw the poor guy was in terrible condition. Hair matted and falling out, bloated, and infested with fleas!

God, it makes me so mad.

Thank God Kirk's parents are so loving and kind. He was immediately sent for a flea bath, and he'll get to the vet this morning, and be put on a diet and is on his way to recovery - like Susan's Hamish.

Honestly, had we known, we'd have taken him right away. But I think he's found a way better home than ours. Over dinner last night Kirk said he'd just called his parents to see how the dog was and his mother was whispering, 'Shhh, he's asleep'.

Kirk says he reminds him of our rescue dog, Seamus. And Susan's descritpion of Hamish. How a dog can be abused, or neglected, and still be so full of love.

Animals and gardens. Everything I need to know I learn from those two things.

Michael and I are off to Knowlton this morning to buy the 30 acres of land across the road from us. It came up for sale a few months ago and we immediately jumped on it. There's no house there and we want to keep it that way. We'll put a servitude on it right away and donate it to the local conservation/environment authority so no one will ever be able to build.

Baby steps. Michael and I could be way better about our environmental footstep, but we're trying.

Mike and Dom arriving just after noon for the weekend.

Book going well. 2,000 words yesterday. It's at an exciting stage! Always afraid the muse will flee, so I write madly away to keep her here - like Scherezade (sp).

Thanks for reading - will talk to you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing so well with the diet. I wondered how the restaurant meal would go (while I was making black bean soup, salad, cornbread and apple pie for hungry teenagers). I don't know anything about Nutrisystem, but Weight Watchers is quite flexible and practical in its approach. Still, it's not easy. Also annoying that my 6 foot tall 50-something husband has lost 12 pounds since Christmas without even trying--he says it's his body dealing with the cold climate! It is terrifyingly cold here in Ottawa and I only just managed to force myself to go skating on the canal yesterday with my son (home from University) so that I could prove that my middle-aged body could go faster that his, at least on the ice. To be fair, he grew up in Washington, DC and has been skating less than 20 times in his life. Have started "The Cruellest Month" and am spreading the word about your books. I thought I might put in a word for you at "Politics and Prose", the bookstore near our old house in Chevy Chase and one of the most successful independent bookstores in the U.S.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Elizabeth,

You're just wonderful! Thank you for spreading teh word - and I agree about husbands and weight loss. On the one hand I'm glad for him, but while he melts away I agonize over bread and gummies and biscotti - oh my. And your lunch sounded fantastic.

Glad to hear you schmucked your son at skating - best to keep them humble.

Thanks for the update, and the help and encouragement.


Hilary said...

I might as well weigh in (sorry) on the weight-husband forum. A study I came across nearly 30 years ago said that a woman's weight, on average, increases 20% after marriage (or, one assumes, cohabitation with a male.) Guess they eat more, so we do, or else we're just too busy finding a way to their heart! Makes it doubly awful that they drop weight so easily. On the other hand, perhaps we'd be better off surviving in a famine. Does that tip the scales?

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Hilary,

har, har. Like the 'tip the scales' reference. Ha. We'd also float longer if the boat sinks. All very good reasons not to diet. I'm a walking survivalist site.