Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Thank you

clear, cold, highs minus 14

GREAT news! The paperback sales of A FATAL GRACE are booming in the US! Just heard from the publishers - and they're thrilled. And if they're happy you can just imagine how I feel. Wow. It's so exciting to think of people hearing about the series then buying the books.

I mention this for a couple of reasons - it's a huge event in my publishing life and I wanted to share it with you. But equally important I know people hear about the series through you. I know how many of you have been spreading the word - in some cases accosting complete strangers - well done! And I'm SO grateful.

It's so difficult getting the word out. I've been extremely lucky, but even so it's hard work. And a shattering number of wonderful books bob to the surface then sink from sight. There are just so many books out there.

that's still, of course, a possibility with the Three Pines series. We haven't quite hit the 'tipping point' yet. But I think we're close. And I know it's because you're such great support.

Thank you! And I'm afraid I'll be calling on that support again in a few weeks when the third book, THE CRUELEST MONTH, comes out in the United States. But, you know I hope, that I don't expect you to do anything. And don't feel badly if you don't tell anyone about the books. That's not expected, not what this blog or this experience is about. It's not necessary. Some people are good at it, and some not. Frankly, I'm not so good at it. It's excrutiating for me to approach a stranger in a store and tell them about my book. I feel like I'm melting.

I still try to do it (though don't always find the courage) - but then they're my books. I really don't want any of you to feel you should do the same thing. But I also do know most of you have told family and friends and that is massive.

I'm going on too long about this, and feel I've been a little flat-footed - but I'm thrilled and wanted to share the delight!

Great news too - I've finished the party scene. Will spend today going back over it...already I see a few small holes or wrong words. Things that occur in the night, or while watching the primary returns, just before my mind goes numb.

Had to decline an invitation to tour Canada's Northwest Territories next winter. I;'ve never been there and I hear the Arctic is amazing. I'd have loved to go but amazingly I seem quite booked already and just couldn't find the time. Next winter I'll be researching and writing the next book, in Quebec City, then doing the next US tour, the Hawaii (yup) for Left Coast Crime, then UK for British stuff. This is all a year away. But what fun. Still, I asked if they'd mind inviting me again the next year and I'll make time. It's not book sales there, it's a literacy push.

I was in the bath yesterday afternoon (where else) and heard a squirrel trying to get in through the roof. They can be quite destructive. My options were to call out for Michael, get out of the bath, or phone Anthony or Lise (only because she's our external common sense).

I stayed in the bath. Once out I noticed that the TV antenna was missing. Not a tiny rabbit's ear contraption on the roof, but quite a large tower planted in the ground next to the house. Either our squirrels know Roger Clemens or that scratching sound wasn't them.

As you probably know, a good writer notices things - so it's both humbling and disconcerting to realize someone could walk off with our communications tower and me not even notice.

Of course there's also the humbling evidence of laziness. Oh, well. At least I'm clean and hydrated and that's all that matters.

Off to the office today. Hope you're well and I'll write tomorrow.

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