Saturday, 23 February 2008

A hostess tip, courtesy of Trudy

sunny and snowing lightly, astonishingly beautiful, calm, temp - minus 4

It's a day to stare out the window and wonder. We have a solarium at the end of our kitchen - glass on three sides. There's nothing like sitting in it during a snowstorm. We can see the storms coming across the mountain. The mountain will disappear in white, then the forest, then the field, as the storm marches toward us. Then it hits the house and we're on the inside of a globe of glass, protected and warm.

Today is much more gentle, just huge flakes floating down from clouds directly overhead - but the sun in low on the horizon and there are no clouds there. So it's all brilliant sunshine and gleaming snow. Stunning. Must write a book about it. Naw - never work.

We bought the property next door. The owner has Alzheimers so we've been talking with his daughters, who are devestated by the disease and the need to sell the property he loved. They were glad to hear it will never be built on, and remain forest, and that they can come and walk it anytime. They also asked if we'd mind if they scattered their father's ashes there, when the time came. Of course we said we didn't mind at all. Comforting, really, to know he'll be over there.

Mike and Dom arrived from Montreal yesterday afternoon - went to the guest cottage then came here for dinner. We chatted by the fireplace for a while then moved into the big country kitchen for dinner - Brome lake duck. About half way through we heard a little (though quite distinct) wretching sound. Like good guests no one said anything. But about 30 second later Dom's face scrunched up as though he'd just swallowed Buckley's Cough Syrup - which I'm pretty sure wasn't in the recipe.

Nope. We'd discovered the source of the wretching sound. No surprisingly it was actual wretching. Trudy had 'tossed'. Right beside Dom.

You know, I think if dogs only realized that if they want to attack humans they needn't bite, just throw up. We all recoiled from the table.

It was back to the living room. Michael set up trays by the fire and we continued in there. It was actually lovely. Very 'family' and relaxed. Hard not to be once the dog had thrown up on a guest. Gives you an insight into how elegant my dinner parties are when a dog throwing up is barely noticed.

But there's my hostess tip for today. To spice up your party get your dog to throw up.

No need to thank me.

It's a day to just write. Love those. So it's back to Three Pines for me.

Be well.


London Kate said...

Love your descriptions of the snow. Dwelling in the temperate climate of England it gives me a great deal of vicarious pleasure to hear about it!

We haven't had any snow at all this winter here in London, not even an icing-sugar dusting. A shame on aesthetic grounds but probably a good thing as any significant snowfall (by significant, I mean more than a couple of inches!) and we seem to completely lose our heads. Drag the old toboggan out of the attic, run up to the top of Parliament Hill and throw ourselves down it kamikaze-style. Smash heads on frozen ground lurking an inch under the snow. End up in hospital.
Public transport grinds to a halt, we are all sliding around in our inappropriate footwear and we get hysterical front page headlines like - "Arctic Conditions Cause Chaos".
Just not equipped to cope you see - best leave it to you Canadian pros!

Speaking of winter - I love the seasonal changes of each of your Three Pines books, are you keeping to that scheme for Book 5? Autumn again? (Or do you say Fall in Canada! And toque - is it a wooly hat? a bobble hat?)

Best wishes

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Kate,

I laughed at your marvelous description of the chaos. A couple of days ago while walking the dogs around the pond I noticed the sides of the hill were sheer ice. So I got on my back, loaded Trudy on my stomach and took off - body surfing. Trudy loved it. Maggie was next.

I have to say, and I think I've mentioned it before, I ADORE london. In fact, we're spending most of April there - for the book fair and an event in Cambridge. But also just because...

Thanks for keeping in touch. Such fun.