Monday, 11 February 2008

That'll teach 'em

high cloud, windy, bitterly cold, highs minus 15

All the windows in the home are closed, but still there are frigid drafts, streams of cold air like ghosts through the house.

I'd love to stay home and write and soak in the new bathtub - but I have a workshop to give at the Massey-Vanier High School this afternoon. They're having a day in support of literacy and they asked if I would come and give a workshop.

I hate giving workshops. It's my least favorite thing. I'm not a natural teacher. After about 5 minutes I run out of things to say. Terribly awkward for everyone.

Recognizing this I put out a distress call to the most wonderful teacher of mystery writing I know. Charles Benoit. ( ) His debut novel was nominated for an Edgar - Relative Danger. And he has a new one out getting raves, Noble Lies.

But he's also a lovely, entertaining, kind and dynamic man. I thought, if anyone will help me, Charles will. So I wrote in a panic last week and he replied immediately, sending me the entire outline of the course he teaches in mystery writing.


So now I'll be talking for two weeks - ha! That'll teach 'em.

Thank you, Charles. But, one more favour - would you come up and teach the workshop? Pleeeease?

Had a great day yesterday. One of those days I long for. Nothing happened. Just sat in the living room in front of the log fire, snow falling outside, Michael on his laptop working on his book, and me on mine. Every now and then Maggie or Trudy would ask to play.

Did 25-hundred words, then took a long bubble bath. Bliss.

As you can see, I suffer for my art.

Need to be off - today's a busy day. Writing, talking to my agent Teresa Chris, and giving the workshop.

God Bless Charles Benoit, and all who sail on him.


Charles benoit said...

My pleasure, Miss. Now to pay me back, please teach me to write 2,500 words in one day. My record is 1,200 (of which I later deleted half).

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Charles,

Lovely man. Actually, it's the same word over and over, 25-hundred times. Won't tell you the word but I bet you can guess.

Many thanks again, for the help and the great books!