Sunday, 10 February 2008

An audie book, it's true.

more snow expected, but sunny now, highs minus 5

Glorious day at home. Had some snow last night, not much but enough to smooth everything out and have it cling to the trees. And now this brilliant day with sun almost blinding off the snow. The only break in the field is where the dogs have played this morning.

I mentioned yesterday that A FATAL GRACE is just out in paperback in the States. Well I'd also like to mention that it has been nominated for a prestigious AUDIE award in the US - for Ralph Cosham's reading. I know I mentioned this before - but what I didn't have at the time was the list of the other finalists. Here it is...

Hollywood Station by Joseph Wambaugh, narrated by Adam Grupper
Thunder Bay by William Kent Krueger, narrated by Buck Schirmer
The Tin Roof Blowdown by James Lee Burke, narrated by Will Patton
Up in Honey's Room by Elmore Leonard, narrated by Arliss Howard
A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny, narrated by Ralph Cosham

I know all the norminees are as delighted as I am. I'm especially pleased, of course, for Mr. Cosham. Well done!

And - great personal news - the laptop is working again. A lovely reader wrote with some suggestions, and one was about the keyboard template. Well I pressed a bunch of buttons - turned the thing off overnight - looked at new laptops from DELL - then re-booted...and the keyboard worked again.

Off to continue the book on my favorite (very old) laptop by the fire.

How lucky am I?

The next book calls. Speak soon.

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