Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A TRICK OF THE LIGHT launch!! Yipppeee

sunny - mild - temps 70's - lovely day

Well, it's finally come - the day when the latest Gamache book is out - and in your hands....and in your heads! I honestly cannot thank you enough for walking this exciting path with me....all the bumps and hills (often of my own making) - and all the fabulous events along the way. I know many of you followed the creation of A TRICK OF THE LIGHT as I wrote it last year. My frustration at times - my fear - the exhausting and exasperating times...but also those moments when I knew I was on the right path...often it was something as tiny as a turn of phrase. An insight. A moment of inspiration. A pastry.

Then the editing - the four, five drafts, as the book was shaped, as more life was breathed into the characters.

And now - today. they've left my home and come to yours. And you, with your imagination, lift Gamache and Jean Guy and Clara and ruth off the page.

This magic you do.

Thank you!

Yesterday, in Toronto, I did the Proust Questionaire for the CBC national radio show, The Next Chapter, with Sheila Rogers...8:30am in the studio. Then hopped a flight to Boston. ginny met the flight and we drove together to concord, New Hampshire for the US launch of the book.

Fortunately this part of New England hasn't been too badly hit by Irene - though many places were without power for days - and many places still are out. And poor Vermont. Dear God. We watched it coming...and the forecasters in vermont and newscasters preparing people for terrible flooding. And that's what happened. But worse than many people could imagine. Whole communities surrounded by flood waters and cut off. Tens of thousands without power - and perhaps not back for many days to come. We hope not. A day or so is inconvenient...more than that and it gets life threatening.

If you live in Vermont, and can read this, please know you are in our thoughts. We're watching and caring,.,.,and rooting for you! And if any people can rise above it, and help each other out, it's Vermonters. Remarkable, resiliant people.

Indeed - a few stores I'm going to are struggling with getting power back on, and Ginny and Sarah trying to figure out safe routes past flooded roads, to get there. But we;re all determined...if the stores still want us. Ready or not - here we come!!! And I hope you can meet me at RJ Julia in Madison, CT on Thursday night - and then the Norwich bookstore, in Norwich, VT on Friday.

Tonight, it's Kennebooks, in Kennbunk, Maine. See you there.

So far the events have been amazing! More than 100 people last night at Gibson's Bookstore in Concord. you can see the photos. Such fun! And, on a night when the Red Sox were playing...(not well...) We had just a blast. thank you for coming out and celebrating the US launch of the book.

AND - when I arrived at the hotel (the Centennial Hotel - fab!) what did I find? Three packages from the can see the photo, after I ripped them open. A care pack with flight blanket, laundry soap etc...six bars of emergency chocolate (well...five now) and....and....can you make it out in the photo???

A copy of this coming weekend's NYtimes Book Review section....and the full page ad the publishers put in for A TRICK OF THE LIGHT!!! It's magnificent. I was breathless when I opened the package. I never dreamed this would happen. Minotaur Books is just the most wonderful, thoughtful, brilliant imprint. Wow. I'm keeping it safe, and having it framed as soon as I get home.

I feel as though I've walked (flown) into a dream. So beautiful.

I hope to see you on the road - it would be a great pleasure to shake your hand and thank you for your support, and sign your book. Mostly, of course, I hope you enjoy A Trick of the Light, and the company of friends.

the other photo was sent this morning by Michael - the pond at the guest cottage - he and trudy on their morning walk. I miss him so much. But lovely to see the picture and feel I'm on the walk with them.

Thank you for coming along on the tour. So far, it is absolutely amazing!


Margie said...

Wish I could see you at one of the locations to thank you for the wonderful books. Unfortunately, I live just a few thousand miles away.
Can't wait to read it.
Thanks again for sharing the steps along the way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the start of a wonderful and successful tour!
Karen L.

Myke Weber said...

Well, not quite in my hands. Amazon shipped it a few days ago, but it hasn't arrived yet. I am excited and trying to learn patience.

Of course having an ARC last time didn't help with the patience quality of my character - this time.

DrGrammy said...

Loved your talk at Gibson's last night!

Sad I was off to the side and didn't get in the photo ;(

Grateful for your thoughtful responses to my own and others' questions.

libbie merrow said...

That was so much fun at Gibson's! You are bright and funny and yet gave us some good thoughts to chew on.

We drove quite a ways to get there and, in case anyone was wondering if it would be worthwhile, it was!!!!


EK said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad that Audible has a first-day release. Ralph Cosham has become, for me, the voice of your wonderful writing. Already downloaded--it's next in line. Woo hoo!

Jeanine Cronin said...

I was so thrilled to meet you last night at Gibson's Books. You are even more beautiful in person than in your photographs ... and lived up to my every expectation. What a wonderful turnout for the event. You must have writer's cramp from signing all those books. You were so patient with each of us. I started reading "A Trick of the Light" as soon as I got home and am loving it. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

lil Gluckstern said...

You are now a bona fide star, and so well deserved. My copy is on its way. Your life is filled good things-people happy to meet you, and the serenity of your with Michael, and Trudy. Just lovely.

Martha Paley Francescato said...

I have already submitted a review to I can't tell you how much I loved the book! And I hope the next one starts ONE YEAR after the events in this one. You'll probably understand why... Thanks for the enjoyment you gave me with this as well as with all the previous novels in the series!

Colombine said...

Chère Louise,

Je sens votre bonheur à distance, c'est merveilleux!

Mes yeux se sont mouillés en vous lisant. Tout ça est euphorisant!

J'ai tellement hâte de tout lire en français.

Bon retour!

Nancy M. said...

I don't know whether to hurry through or savor. It's so good to be back in the lives of Gamache, et al. My best to you!

VT Slajer said...

Since I am up to date with the series, I need to keep this one on standby, in case I really need it to calm down and reframe when things in life go wrong. Louise's books, like Maria Callas' singing among other things (never mind Johnnie walker Black Label)provide a tresured comfort zone with no wall between them and myself.

Currently, there are already 28, mostly 5* and all very recent reviews of Trick of the Light on (we also need some on where I order). The temptation is great...

Happy touring, Louise, you have another winner!

danielle-momo said...

je viens de terminer la lecture de A Trick of the Light et , en ce qui me concerne, c'est votre meilleur à date.
Je l'ai savouré phrase par phrase, étape par étape.
Plus que jamais, j'aimerais vivre à Three Pines.
Merci d'avoir créé cet univers et les personnages qui y évoluent.

Linda said...

It was a pleasure to meet you at Gibson's (what an awesome book store!) in Concord NH last night! You were wonderful, which I have a sneaking feeling is why your books speak to us so deeply. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Marlene said...

I echo the comments of all who preceded me here. It was fabulous to meet you last night at Gibson's, and hear your responses to the various questions. They served to deepen my appreciation of Gamache et al!

I've not yet finished the book, and am finding it difficult to put it down to sleep and go to work.

Thanks for

Lisa May said...

We are eagerly awaiting your visit to Houston next week - and the heat might even break by then! Safe travels.

Martha Paley Francescato said...

I had to decide which book to turn to after having read A Trick of The Light. I decided to go back to the beginning and savour it. It's getting better the second time!!!