Sunday, 28 August 2011

Brome Lake Books

overcast, windy - heavy rain on the way

Watching progress of Irene. New York city has shut down the transit and the airports. Looks like less damage will be done than feared, thank God...but it's still going on and heading up the coast. The worst hit for Canada apparently will be parts of New Brunswick and ... Quebec's Eastern Townships. Not as a hurricane, but huge rains. Warnings out....more than 50 millimeters expected.

I'm in Montreal and heading to Toronto this morning, so it's not an issue for me personally, but Michael will be in the worst of it. Filling the bathtub in case electricity goes out. Candles and flashlights ready. Food in. I wish I could be there with him. I know he'll be fine - everyone will be if they stay off roads etc - but I'll be happy to hear from him tonight when it's over.

But - enough of Irene....I want to tell you about the pre-launch party yesterday at Brome Lake Books. it was phenomenal! Hundreds of people showed up! They ran out of books - and they had more than two hundred to hand out to ticket holders. They also (perhaps less surprisingly) ran out of wine! Lucy's father had to run to the Societe d'alcols to get more. It was such fun! An absolute 'slam' of people. I signed straight, without a break, for two and a half hours...and could not be happier!

Danny and Lucy worked like maniacs, and Lise, God bless her, leapt in and wrote down people's names to put on post-it notes on their books before they arrived at me - made it go faster...and I have a tendency to forget the names of even close friends in crowd scenes. I think it's a form of social anxiety. It's happened at my own dinner parties when I introduce guests. Ugh.

Michael took all the photos...the man taking the picture of Michael taking the picture is Lucy's father, John. Michael is standing right behind me, as I say a few words.

I wanted to share this fun event with you. and if you were there - thank you so much for coming out to celebrate! Having the support of my friends and neighbours means the world to me!

After the event Michael and I said goodbye - oh dear - then I drove in to Montreal. Off by train to Toronto this morning.

Hope to see you on tour! Next event is tomorrow night at Sleuth of Baker Street, in Toronto. Then the offiical World Launch for A TRICK OF THE LIGHT at Gibson's bookstore in Concord, New Hanpshire. I see Irene is bearing down on Concord - please look out for yourselves.... see you soon.


Luce said...

I just want to say a big thank you for this marvelous evenement yesterday at Brome Lake Book.My girl and I had a good time.

It was fantastic. You are so generous, taking time to talk with everyone. We all feel like olds friends.

My best wishes for your World Launch and book tour.

You deserve the best, really ...

Have a good day.


Sandra said...

Looks like a wonderful event. The storm here in Connecticut wasn't as bad as expected but so many are without power. I hope RJ Julia has power and the event on Thursday stays on - so looking forward to seeing you again.

Shelagh said...

What a wonderful turnout Louise! Very happy for you, and Danny and Lucy, and Lise, too. Wish we lived closer to Eastern Townships and to Brome Lake Books. Luckily, though, we do have Robin and Aunt Agatha's Books nearby. I'll be there next Tuesday afternoon for my copy of TOL, and Sept. 11 at Kerrytown. Woo hoo! Have a very safe trip. Hugs.

Colombine said...


Quel "excitement"!! Profitez-en bien, vous le méritez amplement.

lil Gluckstern said...

Beautiful pictures, nice to see the landscape of Brome Lake Books, and, of course, Michael. I hope your journey is safe and hugely successful. You deserve it, yes!

danielle-momo said...

J'ai beaucoup apprécié le pré-lancement et ma rencontre avec vous Louise.
Bravo à toute l'équipe de BLB pour la chaleur de l'accueil et l'organisation.
Tous mes voeux Louise pour que le tour qui a si bien commnencé se poursuive en beauté et en succès:vous le méritez amplement.

Barbara said...

Lovely way to begin your book tour. So glad there were many, many people there.

We personally had 6+" of rain but otherwise are okay. Our big tree could fall; it already fell in a spring storm. :D